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TOP 5 Upcoming Horror Games Releasing in 2022

Top 5 Upcoming Horror Games Releasing in 2022

Horror games have grown into a mainstay staple of the gaming sphere. New spine-tingling, pulse-raising experiences are constantly being developed without any signs of slowing down. No surprise, this carries on all the way to 2022. With the current year almost at a close, we have a lot of great horror titles to look forward to after the New Year passes.


Here are the top 5 highly anticipated horror games thatโ€™ll surely get your heart pumping in 2022.



The Outlast Trials

Developer Red Barrels had a real runaway success with their Outlast series. Both released titles offer a perfect blend of unsettling psychological horror and adrenaline-fueled survival. The Outlast Trials will be the third entry in the critically acclaimed series and promises more of what made its predecessors so great.



One key differentiator is that Trials will be playable in co-op with up to four players. Youโ€™ll be able to share the dark, demented experience of Outlast with up to 3 other friends as you attempt to stealthily survive and unravel whatever mystery this next offering has in store. The game is set in the Cold War era and will involve a corporation experimenting with advanced brainwashing and mind control. We canโ€™t think of a more fittingly twisted direction for the series to take.




If unsettling images are what make a horror experience in your view, then Scorn is the game youโ€™ve been anticipating. A first-person survival horror game, Scorn aims to deliver an experience thatโ€™ll have you grappling with reality itself.



Youโ€™re thrust into the gameโ€™s disturbing world with almost no indication of where you are or why youโ€™re there. Right off the bat, youโ€™ll come face-to-face with twisted imagery, unspeakable creatures, and an unfathomably inexplicable world. Youโ€™ll solve puzzles and speak with its denizens as you attempt to make sense of the world and piece it together. One key element of Scorn is what the developers are touting as โ€œa full-body experience.โ€ Every movement and action is designed to make you aware of your characterโ€™s body and how it experiences the world around it.



The Callisto Protocol

From the creative genius of Glen Schofield, creator and director of Dead Space, comes a sci-fi survival horror game thatโ€™s shooting for beyond the stars. The Callisto Protocol, in many ways, will follow in the critically acclaimed seriesโ€™s footsteps, bringing closer to a spiritual successor.



In The Callisto Protocol, youโ€™ll take on the role of an inmate of a space prison thatโ€™s being ransacked by disturbing entities. Your task will be to survive these horrors with a variety of tools at your disposal. Schofield and the rest of the team at Striking Distance are aiming to create the โ€œscariest horror game experience of next-gen.โ€ Another critical detail is that The Callisto Protocol has universe ties with PUBG. We canโ€™t wait to see how these connections unfold in the finished game in 2022.



Dead Space

Though a spiritual successor is on the way, Dead Space isnโ€™t quite dead yet. Publisher EA is poised to bring the series back in 2022 by giving the original title the remake treatment. Assigned to Motive Studios, the upcoming reimagining of one of the best survival horror games aims to bring about its most definitive version yet.



Developed with EAโ€™s Frostbite engine, the devs are looking to up the ante with the gameโ€™s visuals which we fully expect to enhance the unsettling imagery of its creatures. Theyโ€™ve also stated theyโ€™re looking to take advantage of SSDs to make the game a cohesive experience, devoid of loading screens.



Sons of the Forest

From indie developer Endnight, The Forest is a genre mashup that blended open-world survival, building, and crafting with horror elements. Sons of the Forest is touted as a sequel that aims to up the ante of its predecessor.



Not much is known about this title. What we can glean from the trailer is that youโ€™re left in a forest where you need to gather resources and build a shelter as well as acquire weapons and tools. During the night, disturbing creatures appear from the darkness, eager to do unspeakable things to you. Whatโ€™s striking about this game is just how hauntingly scary the environment looks during the night.


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