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How to Join & Invite Friends to Your City in NBA 2K23? (PS5 & Xbox Series XIS)

How to Join & Invite Friends to Your City in NBA 2K23? (PS5 & Xbox Series XIS)

There is a ton of single player material in NBA 2K23. However, it is a social game at its heart, and is much more fun to play with your friends than with the AI. Playing the AI might be good for practicing skills, but it can’t compare to a fun-filled weekend chilling with your buddies playing NBA on the couch. Here is how you can join or invite friends to your city in the game.




  • Once you’ve arrived at the Rec Center, bring out your phone and search for Who’s Online


  • Scroll over the name of a friend you want to invite and press X on PlayStation or A on your Xbox controller to bring up a sub-menu. 


  • Select the Invite to your Rec Lobby option and send out an invitation.


  • Your friend(s) will appear in the Rec Center as soon as they accept your invitation.


  • Since you and your buddies are now on the same server, you can play any game you want.


  • However, if you want to compete in the Park, then your entire group has to travel there.


  • The same applies if you receive an invitation. Accept it to play with the person who invited you. 


Playing with friends can be very rewarding. Don’t get disheartened if you’re new to this, as it takes some time to build good team synergy. Maybe reading a few of our NBA 2K23 guides might reveal some new tricks that you can show off to your team and earn some rep.


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