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How to Adjust Player Minutes in Season Mode in NBA 2K23 MyLeague

How to Adjust Player Minutes in Season Mode in NBA 2K23 MyLeague

Thanks to the new stamina rework, you cannot spam moves as often. Therefore, every minute you spend on the court matters. Strategically dividing up your players’ minutes guarantees a consistent performance throughout the game, thereby increasing your chances of winning. This guide will teach you how to do so effectively.




  • Go into the Coaching Menu and choose Coach Gameplan.


  • Select the team whose gameplan you want to adjust and press X on PS4 & PS5 and Y on Xbox One & Series X|S.


  • You should now be inside the Paint Mode where you can draw rotations manually.


  • The top scale represents the total number of quarters, and the right scale represents the total minutes played by a player.


  • The default gameplan is quite straightforward: everyone plays 4-7 minutes per quarter.


  • If you want to change/adjust individual player minutes, click the Right Stick on your controller to clear the default gameplan.


  • To assign minutes to a player, press X or A on your controller beside the name of that player.


  • If you want to assign more/less than one minute, press X or A once and use the D-Pad right/left to add and remove minutes from a player. Once you’re done, press X or A once more to stop painting.


  • Double tap X or A to erase minutes, or single tap L1/LB to undo previous action.


  • You can also switch between different positions (center, point guard, shooting guard, etc.) by pressing Y or Triangle and then using the D-pad up/down.


  • Once you have completed a full rotation timeline, you should save it and give it a name for future reference.


  • You should also note that the game does not follow the rotations 100% of the time, especially if a player is on the free throw line when they are supposed to get subbed out. However, most of the time, the game plan will work just fine.


Automatic subs save you time and let you concentrate on your game while leaving the mundane tasks to the AI.


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