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NBA 2K23: How Can I Equip Dribbling Moves in MyPLAYER Mode?

NBA 2K23: How Can I Equip Dribbling Moves in MyPLAYER Mode?

Much like in the previous games, you can equip a wide variety of moves on your characters. Whether it’s dunks, dribbles, or layups, all you need to do is simply buy it from the store and equip it to use it during an actual game. Here is everything you need to know to equip your dribbling moves.




Follow these steps if you want to equip dribble moves on your player:


  • Launch the game and enter MyCareer mode.


  • Now go to MyPLAYER Appearance > Animations Store > Dribble Moves > Dribble Animations. You’ll have to unlock some animations before you can buy them in the store.


  • Add the animations to the cart and then buy them.


  • Go to MyPLAYER Appearance > My Animations. Select where you want to put the dribble animations and your character is good to go.


There are a lot of animations you can buy and equip from the animation store. While some require specific physical attributes, others can be used by anyone. We have detailed articles that cover a lot of these things, so if you want to learn more about the game, read our NBA 2K23 guides.


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