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How Do You Update Your Roster in NBA 2K23?

How Do You Update Your Roster in NBA 2K23?

Rosters can help you quickly build a new team, especially if you are having trouble creating one for yourself. Most top-tier Rosters not only have excellent players but also support players to cover up the weaknesses of the overall comp.


But updating your Roster is not enough. You will have to learn lots of moves so that you can compete against other players, and we have plenty of NBA 2K23 guides to help you grow as a player.




Follow these steps to download NBA 2K23 rosters onto your account:


  • Launch the game and navigate to the Features tab.


  • Next go to the Create Roster option.


  • Select your Roster type from the list.


  • The next screen shows three categories of rosters:


Official 2KSports Roster – Roster for PLAYNOW that is updated daily.


User-Created Roster – Download Rosters that other players have created. You can also edit rosters that you have previously created.


Injury-Free Roster – A list of Rosters with no injuries.


  • After you have selected one of the above categories, you will have a list of Rosters.


  • You can also search for Rosters based on Online ID and Content Name.


  • Select a Roster you want to download/edit. 





  • Go to your PS4 & PS5 home screen and choose ‘Notifications’.


  • Select the NBA 2K22 icon on your Home Screen.


  • Move your cursor over the Updates and select it using your controllers option button.


  • In case there are any downloads/updates available it will start downloading automatically. You can check the progress of the upgrade in the notifications.




  • Go to your Home Screen and select the Games and Apps options.


  • Select the Manage option visible on the left sidebar and then go to Updates


  • Move your cursor on the NBA 2K23 symbol and select it using your controller’s menu button.


  • In the drop-down menu, select Update Game.


  • The update will start automatically. You can track the progress of the update from the lower right corner.




  • Firstly, launch Steam on your PC to update the Roster in 2K23. The game will update automatically if your PC is connected to the internet. 


  • You should switch off your PC while the update is in progress.


  • The update will not happen if automatic updates are disabled. In that case, you can either manually update it, or enable auto-updates from Settings.


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