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TOP 6 Best Flight Games of All Time 2022

TOP 6 Best Flight Games of All Time 2022

The joy and wonder of flying through the air in a marvel of engineering is an unparalleled feeling. Soaring high above the clouds you’ll feel free, and get a real perspective on life’s many problems. That high up in the air, all of the people, places, and things on the ground seem so small and insignificant. These are the feelings that have led video game developers to attempt to emulate the feeling of flight through in-depth flight simulators.


There is no shortage of awesome flight simulators, especially in recent years. Whether you’re looking to become an ace pilot, or just roam the friendly skies as a civilian, you’ll find something on this list of the Top 6 Best Flight Games of All Time that aligns with your flight tastes. So, when you’re ready to take to the skies, buckle up, prepare for takeoff, and let’s get started!



  1. War Thunder

War Thunder by Gaijin Entertainment is not exclusively about flying planes, but it does have a fully-featured flight simulator included with its other varied vehicles. This free-to-play military combat MMO pits players from all over the world in heated battles that use fighter jets, tanks, and naval vessels to whittle down the other team’s reinforcements. There are 2,000 vehicles you can use across 100 different maps. Add in cross-platform play to that, and you now have one of the largest military simulators of all time. And, for those players only looking to fly the fighters, each aircraft has a detailed cockpit view so you can really put yourself into the action.




  1. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat series is one of the genre’s longest-running franchises, and for good reason. Every Ace Combat game sets the bar for what tactical dog fighting should be in the same way that Gran Turismo sets the bar for racing simulators. It creates a healthy balance of flight simulation with arcade speed and action, and always provides a ton of aircraft for you to unlock and try out. Ace Combat 7 in particular features 28 highly-detailed jets that you can use to take down enemy pilots in some of the most photorealistic environments and skyboxes ever made for a video game. And, once you’ve finished the story campaign, you can hop into the game’s multiplayer and take on your own friends to see who the real ace is.




  1. Freespace 2

Released in 1999 by Interplay Entertainment and developed by Volition, Freespace 2 is an intense sci-fi space combat game that boots you into the boots of a human pilot who defends the human race and its alien allies against a malicious alien race. Not unlike Star Wars, you will maneuver your nimble starfighter through intense battles with many enemy fighters along with massive destroyer ships and corvettes. The game was overlooked in its time, but it has stuck around as one of the best flight games and space combat simulators available. It also supports mods, which continue to be made and supported by fans.




  1. Bomber Crew

Bomber Crew by developer Runner Duck is a unique flight game, in that it is focused less on the actual flying of your aircraft, choosing instead to focus on the selection and management of the crew operating its many aspects. Players will train and personalize procedurally generated crew members, but don’t get too attached. Death in Bomber Crew is permanent, so every battle means you could lose your favorite crew members permanently. In the air, you will need to keep track of the ammunition for your weapons, your fuel levels, and even the hydraulics in your plane to make sure you reach your destination safely. The high-stakes gameplay is juxtaposed with a cute, cartoony art style that makes all of the chaos seem a little less stressful.




  1. Digital Combat Simulator World

Digital Combat Simulator World is exactly what it says on the box. Developed by Eagle Dynamics SA, this free-to-play game shoots for the stars in terms of fidelity, realism, and excitement. Like War Thunder, it also contains land and sea military vehicles in addition to aircraft. There are hundreds of vehicles to choose from, and locations from major battles throughout history, including 1944 Normandy, the Black Sea, Syria, the Persian Gulf, and even the English Channel.




  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Finally, if you’re a fan of flight games, I probably don’t need to introduce Microsoft Flight Simulator. Dating back to 1982, the series has evolved over time to become one of the most realistic simulators ever created. 2020’s entry to the series was the first one in about 14 years, and they made up for that absence. Over 20 aircraft are pilotable, and just about the entire planet has been recreated using Microsoft’s Azure tech and detailed mapping software. If you want the best flight game or simulator available, you want Microsoft Flight Simulator.



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