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TOP 6 Best Tank Games That Let You Destroy Anything (2022)

TOP 6 Best Tank Games That Let You Destroy Anything (2022)

There was a time when tank simulator games ruled the PC gaming landscape. Games like Panzer Commander and Steel Beasts were the games to own and eschewed arcadey shooting gallery-style gameplay for a more thoughtful, difficult method of play that focused on careful planning and total mastery of overly complicated controls. The tank sim genre largely dies after these games, with new ones being released only infrequently.


For fans of the genre, there are a few modern tank sims for you to enjoy, and there are even a few that have yet to be released. Take a look at tank games past and future with this list of Top 6 Fantastic Tank Games to Watch.



  1. Tank Squad

First on this list is the upcoming Tank Squad by DeGenerals S.A. This game is a  tactical combat action game that has a strong focus on the intense, historical battles that occurred throughout World War II. The exciting linear campaign can be played either by yourself in single-player mode or with up to 3 friends in 4 player co-op. In the 4 player mode, those 3 friends can either each pilot a tank of their very own, or serve as part of your own tank crew, with each player having a specific duty on the vehicle. In between incursions, take time to repair battle-damaged tanks, manage your crew by either replacing deceased crewmen or healing wounded ones, and replenishing your supplies such as your ammo, fuel, and coolant. Tank Squad will be available for PC and Android in the second half of 2022.




  1. Gunner, HEAT, PC!

Go back to the tank simulators of the late ‘90s with Radian Simulations LLC’s Gunner, HEAT, PC! This simulation game is focused on the authenticity of the tank sim experience, with the quality of the damage models and realistic mechanics being the priority for the development. Pilot highly detailed modern tanks in a game that blends the simulation with fun in just the right amount through simple controls and easy-to-understand mechanics. Enjoy multiple game modes with an expansive single-player campaign, a nail-biting skirmish mode, and co-op multiplayer where your friends can join you for an authentic tank duel experience. Gunner, HEAT, PC! will be available on PC in Summer 2022.




  1. Sherman Commander

Experience the incredible tank battles of World War II in Sherman Commander by Iron Wolf Studios S.A. Take the commander’s seat and bark orders to the crew of your tank and the many tanks in your squad, or coordinate your offensive with the units under your control in the tactical map mode. Either way, your enemies will tremble as they feel the ground beneath their feet rumble with the power of your encroaching death machine. Dynamic AI ensures that you stay on your toes by delivering opponents who strategize almost as well as you do. Dominate enemy tanks on dynamic battlefields, and participate in tank duels where you might not always be in the optimal position to win, but slick maneuvering and quick strategy might allow you to prevail. Sherman Commander will be available on PC at the end of 2022.




  1. War Thunder

Jump into gaming’s most complete war vehicle game with Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military game War Thunder. Compete in vehicular combat with an array of vehicles that cover air, land, and sea against other players around the world. These planes, tanks, and ships are represented by unique models that range from World War II to the Iraq War era. The vehicles available are from countries all over the world, including the US, Germany, Russia, Britain, Japan, Italy, France, China, Sweden, and Israel. Enjoy three game modes: Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator modes that each involves increasing levels of player input and mastery. War Thunder has been entertaining players since 2012 across the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and PC.




  1. Armored Warfare

Another free-to-play vehicular combat game is Armored Warfare by This particular game is unique as far as tank simulators go, thanks to how it is set up. The game takes place in the 2030s after the world has gone through economic and political collapse, and major corporations run what’s left of the world. Gameplay occurs in a kind of virtual space where players become a mercenary who has been hired by a shadowy military entity to participate in virtual tank battles. The tanks involved range from 1950s vehicles all the way up to what is available in the modern-day.



You can customize your tank and home base however you like, thanks to a library of options. Additional vehicles and equipment can be unlocked as you progress through the game. Armored Warfare was released in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.



  1. World of Tanks

Finally, the most popular tank game currently available is World of Tanks by Wargaming Minsk. This free-to-play MMO tank sim features tanks from pre-World War II all the way up to Cold War-era tanks in thrilling skirmishes with many other players around the world. World of Tanks has been entertaining tank game lovers for over 10 years and has added hundreds of hours worth of content and experiences since its release. With a userbase of over 60 million players, this might be the biggest tank game experience ever made.



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