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TOP 5 Amazing Mobile MOBAs for 2022 (Android & iOS)

TOP 5 Amazing Mobile MOBAs for 2022 (Android & iOS)

From its humble beginnings as a mod for Blizzard games, the MOBA genre has exploded in popularity. The genre is now full of games that cover all kinds of themes and has even been translated to be available on hardware other than the home PC where it all started. Now, MOBA fans can indulge themselves and sharpen their skills even on bus rides or car trips with two app stores full of mobile MOBAs that run on today’s smartphones. Learn about some of the best Mobile MOBAs currently available with this list of the Top 5 Awesome Mobile MOBAs for 2022! There’s something for just about everyone so if you’re a fan of MOBAs and smartphone gaming, let’s get started.



  1. Catalyst Black

Super Evil Megacorp, the creators of another popular mobile MOBA called Vainglory, are back with their newest entry to the genre, Catalyst Black. This game expands on the standard MOBA rules by having two teams of 10 players face off against each other on maps that have the standard feel of a MOBA. Contained within these maps are familiar features and tons of monsters to fight along with the opposing team, ensuring you’re never out of a battle for two long. The doubling of the player count is supposed to make joining partway through a match feel like less of a disadvantage. As their next project following a fairly typical MOBA, Catalyst Black is pretty adventurous and not afraid to take risks, which makes playing the game a ton of fun.




  1. Auto Chess MOBA

In a surprising turn of events, a game that was once a spinoff of the MOBA genre has now come back full circle to become a MOBA itself with Auto Chess MOBA. Auto Chess began as a gamemode in Dota 2, and its immediate popularity caused other MOBAs to create their own version of the mode. Now, the Dota 2 developers have come back and converted the Auto Chess experience back into a MOBA, in a game that they have designed to not include any pay-to-win aspects. This is very exciting as MOBAs are typically a grossly over monetized genre, and hopefully this will set a precedent for other games developed after this one. Additionally, all heroes will be unlocked and available from the start, with no need to grind out points to get your favorite character.




  1. Rocket League Sideswipe

This next mobile MOBA on the list is an adaptation of a highly popular console/PC game that has ruled the charts for over 7 years. Rocket League Sideswipe is the translation of the addictingly competitive gameplay of Rocket League for smartphones. It doesn’t present itself as a traditional MOBA, but its concepts are very similar and the competitive multiplayer aspect allows it to sit comfortably in the genre. Rocket League Sideswipe features all of the same customization features as its bigger brother, as well as both online multiplayer and offline single-player modes. You’ll also be able to unlock special cosmetics and participate in timed events through the game’s many changing seasons. If you’ve ever enjoyed Rocket League, Rocket League Sideswiped is worth a bit of your time.




  1. Wild Rift

If you enjoy League of Legends but wish you could take that experience on the go with you, then Riot Games has answered your prayers with Wild Rift. Wild Rift is Riot’s mobile MOBA that takes place in the League of Legends universe and features many of the same characters, but its gameplay has been boiled down to its essentials and optimized for play on smartphones. Riot has a pretty big reputation to uphold, but they’ve definitely done it with Wild Rift. The game looks and plays amazingly, hitting all of the gameplay beats you would expect from a match of League on a tiny screen. For all of the fans who can’t get enough of League of Legends, you can enjoy a few matches of Wild Rift in between episodes of Netflix’s Arcane series!




  1. Pokemon Unite

Initially released on July 21st, 2021, Pokemon Unite continues to be a shining example of the mobile MOBA genre. It has won multiple awards in Google’s Play Store Awards, including best mobile game and third-best competitive game. It remains one of the best mobile MOBAs because the developers continue to listen to player feedback and incorporate that into frequent updates, as well as regular new content. It has great graphics, smooth gameplay, and the MOBA mechanics are expertly incorporated into the world of Pokemon, allowing for almost perfect immersion.



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