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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Why you Should & Shouldn’t play a Mage

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Why you Should & Shouldn’t play a Mage

Mages is and always will be the stereotypical wizard of World of Warcraft, using powerful frost, fire, and arcane abilities to control and devastate their foes. Much like in Classic, mages are a solid ranged damage dealer and provide a truckload of utility to the team with buffs, food & water, crowd control and slows. While they are no longer the best-ranged damage dealers they still perform very well and will outshine most melees on the damage meter while still being absolute beasts in PvP.


Mages still bring a lot of area-of-effect damage and a ton of control and burst. But mages are the class that got hit hardest by the addition of the AoE cap that was added in The Burning Crusade. Any damage done to more than 10 mobs will be greatly handicapped and you will no longer see mages pull off these absurd full dungeon pulls and insane boosts. So if you want to play mage for that sweet gold farming potential then you are better off with a Protection Paladin.


On the plus side, they got a ton of cool new abilities that makes them one of the most fun and highest skill-cap classes in PvP.



Why you should play a mage:

  • Arguably the most useful damage dealer in any dungeon group due to their exceptional utility, Polymorph, control, and damage.


  • All three talent trees are good


  • Still incredibly strong in PvP


  • Easy to learn, incredibly hard to master(at least in PvP)


  • Making food & water for your party is no longer a pain


  • A powerful solo class that can take on enemies that most classes cannot due to their slows and kiting potential


  • Arcane becomes a viable specialization due to the new Arcane Blast ability


  • Polymorph is still the best crowd control ability in the game


  • Gets some of the coolest new abilities in Spellsteal and Invisibility



Why you shouldn’t play a mage: 

  • Warlocks outshine them in PvE, at least in terms of damage.


  • Boring PvE rotation


  • No longer the masters of grinding due to the added ‘AoE Cap’


  • Hard to play well in PvP(Yes, that is both a pro and a con)


  • Raids will not want more than one or two mages ideally


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