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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Why you Should & Shouldn’t play a Warlock


Why you Should & Shouldn’t play a Warlock

Warlocks are powerful spellcasters that study the forbidden arts of dark magic, to summon demons and unleash painful spells and curses upon their foes. Their ability to summon demonic companions and sustain themselves through spells and healthstones makes them an excellent solo class and very fast levelers. 


Warlocks in Classic are obnoxiously strong in PvP due to their survivability and control, and that does not change in TBC. In fact, you could argue they become stronger than ever and you will find them at the top of any TBC arena class tier list alongside Rogues. 


But PvE is where the Warlock sees the biggest change going from Classic to TBC. They go from being decent ranged spellcasters in Classic to absolute atomic bombs of destructive death in TBC. If the hunter in your group is not at the top of the damage meters you will likely find a Warlock at the number one spot. Warlocks got Soul Split to fix their biggest issue in Classic; no threat mitigation. While also getting a major overall buff to their damage which results in them becoming an S-tier damage dealer and a good choice if you love to see yourself at the top of the meters.



Why you should play a Warlock

  • You rolled a Warrior in Classic to top the damage meters


  • S-tier in ALL types of content


  • Unkillable monsters in PvP


  • Best damage dealers in the game, alongside Hunters


  • Outshines Mages, even when it comes to AoE damage


  • No longer have to manually give out Healthstones to everyone due to Ritual of Souls


  • Affliction become a viable choice for PvE and has more than one button to press(Destruction still does more damage later on, but they are viable)


  • Very easy class to get into but has a decently high skill cap due to its huge toolkit


  • Still offer incredible utility with Healthstones, Soulstone, and Curses



Why you shouldn’t play a Warlock

  • Very boring 1-button rotation in PvE(if you want to top the damage meters)


  • No mobility


  • Ehm, you hate the easy way?


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