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WoW Burning Crusade (TBC) Classic – Why you Should & Shouldn’t play a Warrior


Why you Should & Shouldn’t play a Warrior

Warriors is a really strong overall class in TBC with all three talent trees being useful for different situations. Arms are the go-to choice for PvP and even see some use in PvE due to some support utility. Fury warriors are the default PvE damage specialization with high, reliable damage only hindered by the melee-unfriendliness of TBC. And Protection remains the go-to main tank in The Burning Crusade but receives a lot more competition from Druids and Paladins than they did in Classic.


Warriors are no longer the best performing PvE class in the game and anyone who rolled them in Classic to top the meters will be humbled if they stick to it.



Why you should play a Warrior

  • Arms Warriors are still top-tier in PvP


  • Fury Warriors can still do a LOT of damage if the encounter allows it


  • Protection Warriors are still top-tier tanks due to their powerful cooldowns, mitigation, and threat.


  • Arms Warriors will see very little competition on weapons in PvE


  • Fury Warriors scale very well with gear and only gets better as the expansion progresses


  • You like to hit things… hard



Why you shouldn’t play a Warrior

  • You only leveled a Warrior in Classic to top the damage meters


  • Warriors are the worst solo class. Struggle in leveling and defeating elites on their own


  • Blacksmithing will almost be a must if you want to PvP as Arms due to Stormherald, a craftable mace


  • High supply, very low demand


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