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WoW Classic – BEST WoW Classic HORDE Class & Race Combinations Guide

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BEST WoW Classic HORDE Class & Race Combinations


Another straightforward choice, as only Tauren can roll Druid for Horde.




Trolls are the best choice for PvE thanks to their Bow Specialization and Berserking, which increases damage output greatly in a class that is only concerned with DPS. In PvP, Orcs win out over Trolls due to Hardiness, a racial passive that increases stun resistance chance by 25%. Given how prevalent stun mechanics are in WoW Classic PvP, this is a huge bonus.




Get used to this; Trolls are once again the best choice for PvE here thanks to Berserking, which increases cast speed and DPS, making the Mage a wonderful damage dealer. Undead win out in PvP, something that also becomes quite common in WoW Classic Horde class and race combinations, thanks to Will of the Forsaken, which provides immunity to Charm, Fear, and Sleep while active for 5 seconds and can be used to break those afflictions if they’re already afflicting the player.




Surprise! Trolls win out for PvE once more thanks to Berserking, which increases cast speed and can help in some clutch heal situations. Undead repeat here as the ideal PvP choice thanks to the extremely powerful Will of the Forsaken.




Breaking the monotony of the Troll dominance in PvE WoW Classic Horde class and race combinations, Orcs are the most desirable choice thanks to Blood Fury, which increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 seconds, vastly improving Rogue DPS. Trolls are still a defensible choice though – Berserking really is that good. Will of the Forsaken remains too strong a PvP option to advise anything else for Rogue race combinations for Horde.




Stop if players have heard this one before. Trolls get the nod for both healer and ranged DPS versions of Shaman thanks to the increase in cast and attack speed from Berserking. For melee Shaman builds, however, Orcs are preferable thanks to Blood Fury. For PvP, Tauren might be a decent choice thanks to War Stomp, which is a solid CC ability.




PvE WoW Classic Horde Warlocks should essentially always choose to be Orcs, as they have a racial in Command that increases pet damage by 5%, dramatically improving the leveling process and helping in dungeons when pet sacrifice isn’t necessary. For PvP, Undead once again rises to the top for its positively busted Will of the Forsaken racial ability.




Warriors are by far the most divisive WoW Classic Horde class and race combination debate. Orcs are incredibly powerful DPS Warriors because of Blood Fury, while Trolls have great synergy between Heroic Strike, which increases melee damage and threat, and Berserking. Taurens have the aforementioned War Stomp, which is an incredibly useful PvE stun ability that can also shine in PvP. As always, Undead remain in the conversation as far as PvP is concerned and are even likely the right choice once again, but fall well short of the PvE options that the other races offer the class.


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