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WoW Classic – What professions should I pick up as a Mage?

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Professions are not required for leveling, nor is it required to get a mount at 40; if you’re looking for efficiency, you should skip ALL professions until 60. The only exception is First Aid for PvP; other than that, you should skip learning any profession until 60.


Now that you reached 60, here is the “short” version:




– Robe of the Archmage


– Bloodvine Set Bonus


Not getting Tailoring will put you behind on gear; this profession is extremely recommended if you take PvE seriously.


Optional: Drop Tailoring after crafting the Robe of the Archmage for another profession (Herbalism heavily recommended for DME Lashers and Satyr farm). Pick it up again to benefit from the Bloodvine Set Bonus, then drop it once again after replacing the Bloodvine Set.




– Goblin Sapper Charge


– Arcanite Dragonling


– Thorium Grenade


– Iron Grenade


– Goblin Rocket Boots


– Goblin Rocket Helm


– Gnomish Mind Control Cap


– Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector


– Gnomish Cloaking Device


– Ultra Flash Shadow Reflector


– Hyper-Radiant Fire Reflector


– Shrink Ray


– Gnomish Battle Chicken


– Gnomish Death Ray


– World Enlarger


– Arcane Bomb


This is the second profession that is extremely recommended. However, it is beneficial for both PvP and PvE, mainly because of the Goblin Sapper Charges (For PvE, the more people has those items, the more significant AoE damage will be, can cheese the entire Viscidus fight in AQ40) and all the other gadgets listed above for PvP.




– While you could make money off that profession, it’s not worth picking up unless you are the designated Enchanter of the guild.


(usually, a couple of people per guild will be, depending on the pattern drops) as you’re better off running DME/DMN/ZG for gold.


– Very good money maker if you have the rare patterns that drop in raids.


It is extremely recommended not to pick up this profession unless you are part of the Enchanters “team” (Make a LVL 5 alt for this profession). Even then, it’s not a good idea because you’re going to be missing out on the Tailoring/Engineering combo.



Skinning / Mining / Herbalism / Leatherworking / Alchemy:

Again if you’re looking for optimization, you’ll be running Tailoring/Engineering, that being said, if you decide to drop Tailoring.


(After making the Robe of the Archmage and before/after using the BV set) you can pick up whichever of those professions will grant you the most amount of money, your call. Herbalism HEAVILY recommended for DME farming)


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