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The Absolute Best Indie Games to Play in 2022

The Absolute Best Indie Games to Play in 2022

For a long time, the “indie game” was considered to be less than worthy of gamers’ time when compared to bigger releases. Thankfully, over time the amount of creativity and revolutionary gameplay being made by incredible indie developers around the world changed that narrative, and now many big-name studios are willing to take a risk on a smaller, more artful game, like Ubisoft’s Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, and Grow Home.


None of these games have the bombast nor the budget of an Assassins Creed or Far Cry game, yet they were all successful in their own right, giving players singularly unique experiences that would stay with them while not costing the full retail price of a standard Ubisoft title. Not to be outdone by the studios that they were initially up against, the indie scene is strong as ever and has many new experiences in the works. Let’s take a look at the top 6 best indie games coming in 2022.



  1. A Space For The Unbound

There are countless stories about a boy and a girl finding their way through life as their high school years end. Many of those stories, however, do not devolve into a world-threatening supernatural threat that can only be stopped by the couple that already has their plate full with the anxiety and depression that comes with being a teenager. This is the basis of Indonesia-based developer Mojiken’s A Space For The Unbound, a narrative 2D pixel art game set in rural Indonesia during the 90s. As your journey of self-discovery advances, you will uncover secrets, stand up to an impossible threat, and even save the world. Most importantly, though, you will grow to understand your power and what it means to love another person. A Space For The Unbound will find love and protect humanity on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2022.




  1. TFM: The First Men

Create your own Adam and Eve and plot out the origins of humanity in TFM: The First Men by Istanbul-based developer Gathering Tree. This unique take on the 4X strategy game features in-depth character-based progression, where each character is their own person with traits and abilities that only they have. These stats will develop depending on how they are utilized in-game; will you send them out to hunt or let them stay in the village to build up defenses? A massive open world is begging to be explored with tons of secrets to be discovered, including the various cultures, creatures, and races that share the land with you. Discover the origins of man when TFM: The First Men lands on PC in Spring 2022.




  1. There Is No Light

Next, we have There Is No Light from Russian developer Zelart. There Is No Light is a bloodthirsty 2D action RPG that takes place in a vast underground after an unknown calamity has rendered the topside unlivable. In this underground, a new all-powerful religion has formed that follows The Great Hand, a being that comes every few years to claim newborns for an unknown purpose. You play as the father of one of these children on a blood-soaked mission to get his child back. Engage in customizable combat featuring a 4 weapon system that allows you to change up your style at the drop of a hat.



You will need this strategy to fight the more than 70 different enemy types throughout the game’s generous 30-hour story. Eviscerate every creature in your path and reclaim your child when There Is No Light slashes onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2022.



  1. Silt

Explore an oceanic nightmare in Silt, which is being developed by Bristol and London-based studio Spiral Circus. This Limbo-inspired 2D puzzle exploration game features beautiful, unsettling monochromatic art from the amazing horror artist Mr. Mead. As a diver exploring the briny depths, solve puzzles by possessing the sea creatures around you and using their anatomical advantages to move along. Gargantuan ocean monsters exist at these depths, use their power to awaken an unknown power as it hibernates in the darkness when Silt paddles its way onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in early 2022.




  1. Thirsty Suitors

The fantastically stylish-looking Thirsty Suitors is being developed by the incredible minority-led, Washington-based studio Outerloop Games. This game tells the story of Jala and her journey of self-expression, navigating traditional family values, all while keeping true to a culture she holds dear. It features an array of gameplay, including turn based-combat that hinges on a “mood system” and has super stylish abilities and special moves; Tony Hawk-style skateboarding and grinding across Jala’s hometown of Timber Hills; and over the top cooking segments that are as flashy as they are silly. Fight your exes when Thirsty Suitors skates onto PC in 2022.




  1. TUNIC

The long-awaited indie RPG from Canadian developer Andrew Shouldice: Tunic is finally on its way. This Zelda-inspired isometric action game stars a quest-hungry fox on a crazy adventure. Traverse the remarkably artful world of Tunic and discover new weapons, powers, and treasure as you fight all kinds of creatures small…and gigantic. After six long years in development, Tunic will finally venture onto Xbox One, Series X/S, and PC on March 16th, 2022.



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