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Songs of Conquest: Beginner’s Guide: Essential Tips & Tricks

Songs of Conquest: Beginner's Guide: Essential Tips & Tricks

Lavapotion’s Songs Conquest is a fantastic Turn-Based Strategy game. You’ll surely enjoy this game if you’re a fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. We hope you will find the tips and tricks compiled in this guide to be useful during your journey.


  • If you build a Rally Point, you can from there purchase troops from your other towns and settlements.


  • Hold down the ALT key (default binding) to highlight objects on the map.


  • At level 8 your wielder will be able to choose their first Power. From there on, the wielder will be presented with new power options at every eighth level (i.e., 16, 24, and so on). Powers are superior to skills and will add a real advantage in both battle and building your kingdom.


  • During the battle, your wielder gains Essence from troops when it’s their turn, and from other sources at the beginning of each round.



  • Each troop gives your wielder one or more Essences specific to that troop type at the start of their battle turn. Thus, your troop setup determines your potential Essence gain per battle round. If any troops are lost before their turn, that source of Essence will be lost.


  • Most troops have Attacks of Opportunity. If you move a troop into an enemy troop’s melee range – their Zone of Control – and then try to move within, through or leave that area, the enemy troop will perform a free attack.


  • Build Sites are where you construct buildings. Buildings can produce resources or troops, unlock research possibilities or provide other services to your kingdom. In order to build on a build site, left-click it and choose what to construct. The size of the build site – small, medium, or large – and your current resources determine what you are able to build at that site. You can construct small buildings on a large building site, but not vice versa.


  • When you upgrade a building that produces troops, it will produce upgraded versions of its troops instead of basic ones.


  • When towers are upgraded (tier 2), they provide Ballistae to the defense. The more upgraded towers in the town, the more ballistae are built and can help in the defense of the town.


  • You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the adventure map.


  • You can recruit troops straight from the buildings that generate them. The maximum number of wielders you can have is determined by how many towns or settlements you have and the tier of each town or settlement.


Songs of Conquest: Beginner's Guide: Essential Tips & Tricks


  • Have your wielder interact with one of your pillaged buildings to repair and restore it to its normal state.


  • Troops are more expensive when purchasing them from neutral buildings on the map.


  • If you engage the enemy and then realize that the opposing army is too powerful, you can withdraw with no penalty. If the enemy engages you, there is no possibility to withdraw.


  • You can only construct one building at a time in each town and settlement.


  • Your wielders can trade items and troops with each other.


  • You lose the benefits from purchased research if the corresponding building is not functioning.


  • Use TAB to cycle between your wielders and CTRL + TAB to cycle between your towns and settlements.


  • You can split your troops to get more Essence.


  • Upgrade your towns and settlements to recruit more wielders.


  • When a troop dies in battle, the other side gets a temporary increase to Offense and Defence.


  • You can have a wielder stationed inside a town or settlement to protect it.


  • Hold your mouse cursor over your resources to see from what sources you are getting income.


  • Moving your ranged troops onto higher ground will give their attacks longer range.


  • Be careful when moving next to enemy troops, or they will get to perform free attacks of opportunity!


  • Attack neutral troop dwellings from other factions to gain gold and disrupt their troop generation.


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  • The more marketplaces you own, the better price you get.


  • When a wielder is defeated, they can be revived at any of your towns or settlements – starting from the following round – at a cost. After five (5) rounds, you can revive the wielder for free.


  • The wielder can collect a lot of Modifiers and bonuses from skills, artifacts, or special locations on the adventure map. Some modifiers affect only the wielder on the adventure map, some are temporary and only last a few rounds, but most help your troops in battle. The modifiers menu provides a summary of all those modifiers presented in three different tabs; Troop Modifiers, Temporary Modifiers, and Equipment Modifiers.


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