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Land of the Vikings Beginner’s Guide – Essential Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Land of the Vikings Beginner's Guide - Essential Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Skál! Ready to be the boss of your very own Viking village and make it thrive in the Land of the Vikings? This immersive and challenging game will put your smarts and resourcefulness to the test as you transform your village into a booming city. As a savvy Jarl, you’ll have to be a pro at managing resources and dealing with the tough Viking world. Plus, you’ll need to help your fellow Vikings get along and work together to reach your shared goals. Whether you’re a pro at colony sim games or just starting out, this guide has got the tips and tricks you need to rock the Land of the Vikings. So let’s dive in, and may the gods be with you on your epic journey to greatness!



Pick your villagers with care

Each villager comes with 20+ traits like luck, strength, speed, and smarts that affect how well they do in different jobs. Make sure your villagers have nice homes and are happy, or they might ditch your settlement.



Water wells and auto-assign

Water wells are super important for your town’s setup. Put them all around your town for good coverage and build your town around them. The auto-assign feature is great for keeping businesses staffed, but double-check who’s doing what job by clicking the ‘Jobs’ tab at the bottom left of the screen.



Keep your villagers comfy and happy

Nice houses and warm clothes are a must to keep your villagers cozy and content. Build a bunch of markets close to the resources you want to sell so your workers can gather resources faster. Keep an eye on your villagers’ happiness levels – it might mean they need more resources or amenities.



Balance your resources

Managing resources in Land of the Vikings is key. Make sure you’ve got a good balance between making and using resources, as running out of something can hurt your village’s happiness and progress. It’s smart to have extra resources on hand for any surprises or challenges.



Earn silver coins and Fame points

Build a market to get silver coins, which you can use to buy resources from other places and build roads. Use Fame points at the Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, to unlock new buildings and bonuses as you move through the game.



Line up buildings and roads right

Press the ‘Z’ key to rotate buildings and the ‘X’ key to line them up with other buildings for straight lines, making it easy to put roads in front of your buildings. Roads are super important for your village’s setup since they let villagers get around faster and give a happiness bonus when connected to houses. Use the ‘Q’ and ‘R’ keys to adjust the road size. Adding decorations and lights can also boost speed and happiness.



Be ready for random events

Crazy stuff like earthquakes, lightning strikes, snowstorms, and cold weather can happen anytime in Land of the Vikings. Stock up on food and supplies to help your villagers through these tough times. And don’t forget, there are four seasons and day-night cycles, so be prepared when winter rolls around.



Misc. Tips & Tricks:

  • Keep your ships shipshape by turning on Auto Ship Repair. It’ll make sure damaged ships get fixed up in the Shipyard automatically, saving you time and resources.


  • Use automated job features to make managing your village a breeze. Turn on Auto Worker Assign and Auto Replace Workers to spend less time on worker assignments.


  • Pop into the new and improved Tavern to keep your Vikings happy. It’s an awesome way to boost morale and up productivity in your village.


  • Defend your village from attacks with Walls and Watchtowers. They’ll help you fight off intruders and keep your village safe.


  • If you’re under attack, think about negotiating for peace by giving the attackers what they want. Or you can fight back and make them wish they never set foot on your shores.


We hope these tips help you build and manage an awesome settlement in Land of the Vikings. Good luck, and may your village prosper!


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