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Songs of Conquest: Arleon Faction Guide

Songs of Conquest: Arleon Faction Guide

The Arleon Faction is based on an alliance between Humans and Faye. The remnants of an old empire, now divided into warring Baronies, have joined forces with the deep wood’s magical creatures. Two unlikely races have banded together to combat the looming plague that threatens to consume their world.


This guide goes over the Arleon’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their combat style, skills, spell preferences, research priorities, and city-building tips. It would be extremely beneficial if you had previously played a few games with the Arleon faction to gain a basic understanding of the core mechanics.



Arleon Faction Overview

  • Arleon prioritizes defense over offense. Units can boost their own defenses as well as the defenses of their allies.


  • They also have three ranged units that complement the high-defense tank units perfectly.


  • Because of its simple mechanics, the Arleon faction is ideal for beginners. It also has a very high skill cap and can compete with any of the other three factions in the right hands.



Wielder Selection

Wielder Starting Skills & Specialization Verdict
Cecilia Guard, +1 Order Balanced wielder, perfect for beginners. The initial boost to troop defense is quite helpful.
Ethylle Channeling, +40% Spell Damage Power Weak start with only 8 Faey Spirits. Relies on damaging spells.
Giandra Chaos, +1 Chaos A Chaos essence-focused spellcaster who deals single target damage and debuffs enemies.
Gnaw Melee, +20 Melee and Ranged offense to Faey troops Greatly buffs your army’s offense and is a strong early game Wielder.
Lady Hammond Cunning, +20 Defense to Human Troops Defense-focused Wielder perfect for tank-based army comps.
Peradine March, +1 Creation Not the best Wielder, and offers no significant advantages.
Ravenfayre Archery, +15 Ranged Offense Perfect for ranged army comps thanks to the early buffs to ranged offense.
Silverlink Taxes, +1 Troop Movement Not as powerful as other Wielders; relatively insignificant perks.
Vilja Prepared, +40% Spell Damage Resistance Only relevant when facing spellcasting enemies; there are better alternatives.


  • We also have a Wielders guide that goes over all troop modifiers they grant to their armies.


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Recommended Skills and Powers for Arleon Faction

  • Archery – Since Arleon is a range-heavy faction, leveling the archery skills will help you win battles more quickly and consistently.


  • Command – Although not as important in the early game, by the time your Wielder reaches level 12, it’s best to have at least Level 6 command. Depending on your playstyle, you can upgrade it more or less.


  • Combat Training – After Archery, this is the next best upgrade option because it increases raw damage. It’s best to keep your archery and combat training at the same level (unless you are playing as Ravenfayre).


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  • Cunning – Not a top priority; choose only if there are no better options. The Melee skill follows the same principle.


  • Here are a few skills that are not super important, but you can focus on them after you have a strong army – Find the Meteors, Crafty Spiders & An Eye for Amber.


  • In the case of Powers, always prioritize Farsight, Brutal, and Rigor.



Spell Selection

  • Arleon mainly generates Order and Chaos essence and slightly focuses on Creation which is not that important.


  • As a result, you have equal access to both movement and damage spells as Arleon. Choose one that suits your playing style.


  • Order spells are perfect for Human troops, while Chaos and Creativity spells are catered more towards the Faye.


  • Fury, Quicken/Invigorate, Onslaught, Protection, Rally, Chain Lightning (with Ethylle), and Rejuvenation are among the top priority spells.



Unit Breakdown

Units Specialty Verdict
Militia/Sappers Erect Stakes to halt enemy approach, but needs to reload after every attack. Good for the early game, but is soon outperformed by Rangers/Archers.
Rangers/Archers Automatically attack the first enemy to enter their Deadly Range. Best ranged unit through the game and is a must-have in armies.
Minstrels/Troubadours Buffs ally defense. Great for early game tanking, but Footmen are better.
Footmen/Shield of the Order Has ranged resistance and also buffs ally defense. Arleon’s basic melee troops. A must-have for any army comp.
Knights/Fists of the Order Has ranged resistance, receives bonus damage with every step traveled, and also buffs ally offense. Most powerful melee unit after Horned Ones. Must have in an army if you can afford Celestial Ores.
Horned Ones/Queen’s Guards Deals and receives more damage when hurt. Main melee damage dealer of the Faey. It can deal insane damage with proper planning and spells (Fury).
Faey Spirits/Faey Rangers Attacks an additional time. Fragile and not useful at any stage of the game.
Faey Nobels/Faey Queens Buffs ally offense can attack random enemies. Also, a great damage dealer but reserved for the endgame due to the high build requirements.



Research priority

  • It usually depends on the resources available on a given map.


  • Increasing maximum troop size is usually preferable to buffing their offense/defense/initiative.


  • Increasing the maximum troop size also uses fewer resources than buffing each troop individually.


  • Mostly, it’s a matter of personal preference, and as you play the game, you’ll get a better sense of what to prioritize (size or states).



City Building Tips for Arleon Faction

  • It takes some forethought to construct your city. It’s best to first decide which tier 2 (medium) structure you want and then figure out how to build it. We, for example, prefer to get to the Barracks as quickly as possible, so we always start with the Lumbermill.


  • Some players prefer a peasant hut and a tavern, but the militia and minstrel are usually not worth it. Again, it is dependent on your playing style.


  • Here is a more generalized approach to building structures as the Arleon faction:


  1. Lumbermill – So that you can build the Barracks as soon as possible.


  1. Barracks – Steady supply of offensive and defensive units.


  1. Peasant Hut & Quarry– Prerequisite for the Castle.


  1. Upgrade Quarry – Since you need stones to upgrade the rest of your structures.


  1. Faey Grove – Faey troops are extremely resource-hungry, so don’t invest in them unless you have an ample supply of Glimmerwave and Amber.


  1. Guard Tower is – Least important building as you’re better off defending the city by yourself rather than leaving it to your troops.


  1. Marketplace – This is an excellent option if you can’t find the resources you need to upgrade troops or buildings.


Hopefully, you now have a better grasp of how to play Arleon. The faction relies on medium unit stacks to perform well. A stack of five rangers is not good, but a stack of twenty is great for scoring kills in two-three rounds. Due to its high skill cap, learning how to play as the Arleon faction will take some time. Fortunately, we have a beginner’s guide to help you along the way. If you liked this guide and want to learn more about the game, be sure to check out the rest of our Songs of Conquest guides.


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