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Songs of Conquest: The Ultimate Artifact Guide

Songs of Conquest: The Ultimate Artifact Guide

Almost every strategy game with RPG elements relies on equipable items to provide an in-depth character-building experience. Wearable gear that buffs or grants additional abilities to the main character has become standard in every RPG-based game, and Songs of Conquest’s artifact system is no exception.


There are nine different types of artifacts in the game, each serving a different purpose. These artifacts boost the Wielder’s stats and provide bonuses to their armies. Some artifacts also increase Essence generation, allowing Wielders to cast spells more frequently. This guide includes a list of all in-game artifacts as well as their bonuses.



List of Songs of Conquest Artifacts 

Type Name Function
Head (Wearables) Archers Helmet +4 Defense
Celestial Helmet +10 Defense, +6 Initiative
Dragonscale Crown +2 Command
Golden Laurel Wreath +1 Max Troop Size, +10 Initiative
Hat of the Magus +60% Spell Damage Power
Helmet of the Arena +8 Defense. +2 Offense, -1 View Radius
Helmet of the Vanir +5 Defense
Mask of the Wiesh +6 Defense, +2 View Radius, +5 Initiative, +4 Offense
Open Faced Bacinet +8 Defense
Turban Helmet +6 Defense
Visored Barbute +12 Defense, -1 View Radius
Chest (Wearables) Archers Gambeson +4 Defense
Cape of Leaves +20 Ranged Resistance
Celestial Breastplate +14 Defense
Chainmail Hauberk +7 Defense
Cloak of the Ancients +5 Defense, +30% Spell Damage Resistance, +2 View Radius
Cowl of Endless Essence +1 Order, +1 Creation, +1 Chaos, +1 Arcane, +1 Destruction
Cuirass of the Sun +12 Defense
Ornate Breastplate +8 Defense
Tunic of the Forest Court +5 Defense, +1 Troop Movement, +5 Initiative
Worn Brigandine +5 Defense
Any Hand (Weapons) Ancient Blade +9 Offense
Bewitched Blade +8 Offense, +25% Spell Damage Power
Bone Club +4 Offense
Bone Scimiter +6 Offense
Dagger +1 Offense
Dagger of Rage +8 Offense, +1 Damage
Dragon Tooth +1 Arcane, +5 Offense
Falchion +3 Offense
Handgun Prototype +10 Ranged Offense
Spiked Knuckleduster +2 Offense
Both Hand (Weapons) Beak of the Beast +14 Offense, +100% more gold when Pillaging
Boar Spear +9 Offense
Crossbow +15 Ranged Offense
Faey Horn Warbow +25 Ranged Offense, +2 View Radius
Greataxe +11 Offense
Greatsword +10 Offense
Poleaxe +15 Offense
Rod of the Roots +5 Initiative, +20% Spell Damage Power, +20% Spell Damage Resistance
Staff of the Magus +50% Spell Damage Power
Swamp Spear +6 Offense
The Emancipator +14 Offense
The Stinger +8 Offense, +4 Initiative
Main Hand (Weapons) Elemental Axe +15 Offense, +20% Spell Damage Power
Lightbringer +10 Offense, +2 View Radius, +1 Movement
Mace +7 Offense
Morning Star +8 Offense
Sharp Sword +5 Offense
Simple Axe +6 Offense
The Oathkeeper +10 Offense, +1 Command
War Hammer +11 Offense
Off hand (Shields) Buckler Shield +7 Defense
Etheral Shield +10 Defense, +20% Spell Damage Resistance
Ethylle’s Blessing +16 Defense
Heater Shield +12 Defense
Heavy Iron Shield +12 Defense, -1 Movement
Kite Shield +9 Defense
Roundshield +5 Defense
Shield of Eternal Servitude +10 Defense, +1 Destruction, +10% Spell Damage Power
Shield of the Ogre +11 Defense, +15% Ranged Resistance 
Spiked Shield +10 Defense, +6 Offense
Hands (Wearables) Celestial Gauntlets +8 Defense, +4 Offense
Guantlets +4 Defense, +4 Offense
Gauntlets of Essence +30% Spell Damage Power, +5 Defense
Gauntlets of the NIght +8 Defense, +8 Offense
Glimmergloves +25% Spell Damage Resistance
Glover of Eternity +1 Attack, -50 Melee Offense, -50 Ranged Offense, -50 Defense
Gloves of the Merchants Guild Income +100 Gold
Gloves of the Phoenix +3 Destruction, +3 Creation, -3 HP, -20 Defense
Gloves of the Wild Hunt +2 Defense, +1 Offense, +1 View Radius
Worn Gloves +1 Defense
Feet (Wearables) Boots of the Heavens +2 Movement, +2 Troop Movement
Boots of the Whispering Leafs +3 Movement, +3 View Radius
Masterly Crafted Boots +3 Movement, +5 Initiative
Nimble Boots +4 Movement
Riding Boots +2 Movement, +1 View Radius
Sassanid Velvet Shoes +3 Movement, +1 View Radius
Shoes of the Wanderer +2 Movement, +2 View Radius
Spiked Boots +3 Offense, +3 Defense, +1 Movement
Worn Boots +1 Movement, +1 View Radius
Trinket (Wearables) All Seeing Eye +10 View Radius
Ancient Amber Spyglass +1 Range, +5 View Radius
Arcane Tome +50% Spell Damage Power
Aurelia’s Ashes +20 Initiative
Banner of Unyielding Hatred +1 Troop Movement, +5 Initiative, +5 Melee Offense
Baryan Glass +4 View Radius
Braid of the Horned Ones +10 Offense, -5 Defense, +100% more gold while Pillaging
Celestial Compass Income +1 Celestial Core
Drum of the Marches +1 Troop Movement
Enchanted Bag of Acrons Income +2 Wood
Endless Samovar +1 Troop Movement, +1 HP
Everflowing Branch of Sap Income +1 Ancient Amber
Glimmerweave Spinning Wheel Income +1 Glimmerweave
Mechanical Bird +5 Initiative
Never Ending Chest of Gold Income +500 Gold
Petrified Dragon Egg +2 HP, +5 Initiative
Pipes of Glory +15 Initiative
Skull of Aeons +3 Damage, -1 Retaliations
Talisman of Arcane +2 Arcane
Talisman of Chaos +2 Chaos
Talisman of Creation +2 Creation
Talisman of Destruction +2 Destruction
Talisman of Order +2 Order
The Bones of Cornelius +40% Spell Damage Power, +20% Spell Damage Resistance
The Golden Goose Income +250 Gold
The Lute of Pinecoast +1 Damage, +3 Defense
The Makers of Compass +6 View Radius, +3 Movement
Tools of the Master Mason Income +2 Stone
Vial of the Heart +3 HP


  • You can discover endless artifact combinations from the above list. Some artifacts like the Neverending Chest of Gold or the Talisman of Arcane are better for the early game.


  • It is also preferable to switch artifacts based on their intended use. The Makers of the Compass is useless in combat; instead, use a Talisman, Arcane Tome, or Vial of the Heart.


Discovering how all of these artifacts interact adds to Songs of Conquest’s depth and replayability, making it even more fun and entertaining in the long run. Check out the rest of our Songs of Conquest guides if you enjoyed this one and want to learn more about the game. We also have a beginner’s guide with plenty of helpful hints so you can jump right into your Songs of Conquest adventure.


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