TOP 5 Upcoming Diablo-Like Hack and Slash Games for 2021 and 2022 - Magic Game World

TOP 5 Upcoming Diablo-Like Hack and Slash Games for 2021 and 2022

Top 5 Upcoming Diablo-Like Hack and Slash Games for 2021 and 2022

Top 5 Upcoming Diablo-Like Hack and Slash Games for 2021 and 2022

Blizzard’s Diablo is a fantasy-themed action role-playing game series. By focusing on extensive dungeon crawling and having randomized environments, enemies, and items, the games are inspired by roguelikes. Unlike true roguelikes, however, Diablo games feature action-oriented combat with simple point-and-click mechanics and do not include the option of permanent death. The combination of these elements, along with its prominent online multiplayer gameplay, has had a considerable influence on the video game industry, creating a sub-genre commonly referred to as Diablo variants.


If you are a fan of the series and it is difficult for you to resist the wait until the official launch, we will show you which are the bestย games like Diablo IVย that can help you live with a little peace of mind.




Spark In the Dark is an atmospheric Dungeon Crawler in a medieval dark fantasy setting, where the hero sneaks into the depths of a grim Dungeon created thousands of years ago. This place is shrouded in mystery. Horrible legends and gloomy ancient stories full of unimaginable things have been going around for centuries.



Powerful lore is an essential part of Spark in the Dark. Therefore, the game has a lot of books, notes, diaries. In the gloomy depths, you will learn the history of the eerie Dungeon and disclose ancient secrets. The game was inspired by the great dungeons from John Tolkien’s Legendarium and the Chronicles of Siala. Try to survive in the darkness of an endless Dungeon full of ancient secrets and terrible creatures. The exciting adventure into a dark Dungeon, ancient secrets, bloodthirsty creatures, and deadly traps awaits you.




Lost Ark is an impressive open-world MMO ARPG that uses an isometric camera that freely moves during gameplay and cutscenes. It blends cut scene-heavy storytelling with fast-paced action combat with PvP and PvE encounters.


Here the whole world is in chaos from the attack of the demon army: six legions of them are about to invade the human world. And that world has become a place where there are no heroes left, and everyone has forgotten about the Ark that defeated the demons in the past. So here you will venture the vast world to gather the pieces of Ark and squeeze the blood and feces from demons with your almighty skills and abilities. Lost Ark tries to combine the best of fantasy animation with more realistic-looking settings. The result improves the immersion factor even more for the average player, and that’s a crucial step for a good video game.





Corepunk is a huge MMORPG project; it has been in development for about six years by a team of more than 100 people. In 12 to 20-man raids of varying difficulty, go head to head with difficult bosses and reap their rewards. In open-world PvP, Faction Wars, Guild Wars, and PvP Arenas, you can put your skills to the test against other players. Just make sure you don’t rack up too many Karma Points, or you’ll be labeled a criminal.


What is this game all about? It’s easy – you choose your class and explore an open world covered by the fog of war. The game’s world consists of the small desert camps to thriving steampunk cities โ€“ Corepunk is full of diverse landscapes. And the best thing is that those landscapes do not restrict your movement – for example, a river is not an obstacle, you can swim in it. Also, another cool thing is public transport, much like trains in World of Warcraft.



You can sign up for beta in for a chance to be one of the first ones to try the game; when released, Corepunk will not be free to play and thus will not implement any buyable boosters of any kind, you know, like a storage space in the Path of Exile. Nothing like that here.




Achilles: Legends Untold is an isometric action RPG game, greatly inspired by the souls-like genre and old-school hack&slash games. The players will venture through many unwelcoming locations, battling legendary creatures and trying to piece up the story of the world. The game is a bit lighter on the “souls” side, as the studio wanted to create an easy-to-learn but hard to master experience. Because of that, Achilles: Legends Untold may be enjoyed by the souls veterans and new players alike. And if help is needed, just summon your friends to play together in jolly cooperation, and explore various dungeons together.



The gameplay features enjoyable and skill-based combat, RPG elements, and resource management. Every item found on the journey might prove itself useful in creating new weapons and gear when brought back to Hephaistos. Throughout the game, players will become more and more skillful alongside the main character, gaining the ability to take on even more powerful foes! And you can be sure there are plenty of abominable and dreadful enemies that will cross your path.




In Sands of Aura,ย you play as a hero set out on a quest to save the world itself. The land has been bathed in darkness, and the world became a giant desertโ€”its inhabitants corrupted into vicious undead. Your job is to sail across the sands in your hovering sand ship to defeat the corruption in a bid to restore the world. It sounds extremely compelling.


From the helm of your nimble grainwake, carve across the perilous sandseas to confront the source of this newfound terror, but don’t expect a guiding light or a red X on a map. You’ll chart your own course forward–behold the open seas, and choose the heading you best see fit. But familiarity is a far-flung concept aboard the grainwake–the shifting sands are always changing, revealing secrets, dangers, and paths unseen. Things are not as they seem.



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