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Shardbound Basic Gameplay Guide

Shardbound Basic Gameplay Guide

In mechanics it’s pretty simple, there’s the battlefield, there are mana crystals that you put on the field of minions and use abilities.


Minions can deal damage in melee or ranged combat, depending on the creature type.


Your creatures can have the following properties


Ability – Can do something for X mana once per turn.


Bloodtoll – An additional cost that MUST be paid for play the card


Bounce – Return to it’s owner hand


Charm – Forces a unit to move towards the charming a unit or tile


Charge – Can attack and move on this turn it is summoned


Choose one – Choose one of the available features


Damage Shield – Blocks the first damage dealt against this unit


Deepstrike – Can be summoned to any location on the battlefield


Deathhowl – Does something when it dies


Exile – Removed from the game. Prevents Deathhowls and doesn’t enter the graveyard


Fear – Forces a unit to move away from the fearing unit or tile


Flying – Can move to any location on the battlefield


Loyalty – Does something when next to your hero


Poison – After this unit deals damage to a minion, destroy that minion


Root – Cannot move


Splash – Also damages all enemies next to whomever it attacks on its turn


Stun – Cannot attack, conterattack, move, activate triggered effects, or use abilities


Supremacy – Does something when on High Ground


Uncontrollable – Not controlled by anyone, run from these as far as possible


Upgrade – May choose to pay extra mana to gain ONE of the upgrade options


Warcry – Does something when you play it from your hand


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