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Tales of Arise Advanced Gameplay Tips & Tricks


Bandai Namco’s Tales series is back with the latest entry in the Tales series, Tales of Arise. This video game has an action-based combat system and a long, character-driven story for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This unexpected success of 2021 has made JRPG enthusiasts smile lately.


Whether you are entering the world of Arise for the first time or already playing it, here are a few tips. Arise can be a bit different from other role-playing games out there, due to which you should focus on these tips.



1.  Use Boost Strikes

Tales of Arise’s boost attacks are among the most powerful and effective. In this particular move, two characters combine their forces to instantly kill most enemies and chip away a healthy chunk of even a boss’s health.


The game encourages players to utilize Boost strikes often, and activating them is easy. In addition to triggering a Boost attack by chaining multiple hits, you can also begin by combining your attacks.


In such a case, it’s best to keep attacking enemies without pauses and make sure you dodge the enemies’ attacks correctly so that your attack chain doesn’t break.



2.  Find Weak Points

Tales of Arise features a variety of enemies that you will regularly face, from the smaller to the more challenging. Many bosses and mini-bosses have precise, weak points, which they try to obscure with their motions.


Try to take out those weak points to have more damage and improve your chance of temporarily downing a boss at every opportunity.



3.  Spamming Attacks

The combat in Stories of Arise begins, but it gradually adds layers and elements over several hours. I’m sure you’re aware of the many things going on here, but let’s talk about some of the fundamentals before going to the advanced tips.


It’s all too easy to resort to repetitively spamming the same attack or two in this fast-paced combat system.


In Tales of Arise, however, you are penalized for repeatedly using the same move: if you do so four times and more, it will become less effective and do minor damage. Be sure to properly use all of your moves, including your standard and aerial attacks.



4.  Over Limits

Over Limits, which is functionally a rage mode, is introduced early on in Tales of Arise. Whatever character you control will activate their Over Limit when enough damage is taken from enemies or multiple perfect dodges execute.


Although Over Limits are temporary, you can still use as many gears as you want pretty much continuously as they are temporary. In that case, hitting the perfect dodge is key to making it work.



5.  Mystic Artes

In addition to their power and utility, Mystic Artes, whose name implies, do a lot of damage to your foes. You should be aware that by using Mystic Artes, you automatically remove it from your Over Limit.


To win boss fights, especially ones that last a long time, you must keep your Mystic Artes until your seconds away from leaving the Over Limit state.


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