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Track Lab – Tips & Tricks

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Tips & Tricks

  • Start with the Tutorial to learn the basics, then unleash your creativity in Creation mode.


  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Tackle some Evolver puzzles to try out different styles and Optics you’ll need in Creation mode.


  • Not sure where to start with a blank Grid? Every new Track already has a loop. Just place some Samples in the path of the Pulse and watch your beat take shape.


  • If you ever need some inspiration, open the Track Library and look for Example Tracks. You can play, mix or edit them and go from there.


  • Want to feel like a real DJ? Use the Volume Sliders, Cross-fader, and FX-Matrix to remix your Tracks live.


  • If you’re feeling adventurous, try some of the more experimental Sample Packs. Different sounds can spark some surprising new Tracks.


  • All Optics change the way Pulses behave, and sometimes they can yield very interesting results. Split up a Pulse, speed it up, bounce it around, go crazy!


  • Playing Evolver mode and like what you’re hearing? Once you complete an Evolver puzzle, you’ll unlock the complete song in the Track Library to play around with in Creation mode.


  • Want to keep your beats in sync? The Grid has different coloured columns and rows – use these to time your Samples to the beat.


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