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Left-Hand Path – Basic Controls

Left-Hand Path - Basic Controls

To pick up items and read books, scrolls and letters, use the GRIP button on the LEFT-HAND controller. You learn spells by reading them in books.


To tell your health look at the runes on your hand. The number of runes equates the number of hit points you have left.


To summon magic, use the TRIGGER Button on the LEFT-HAND controller. You can draw magical glyphs with this, which will then cast spells if you have learned the spell.


To blink (teleport) hold the PAD on the LEFT-HAND controller. That will display a ray going to where you will teleport to. Release to teleport there. For best results, aim at the floor – aiming at a wall will tend to end up with your face stuck right up against that wall!


To slide (locomote) hold the PAD on the RIGHT-HAND controller (the staff). Then move the controller in space, forward, back, left or right- you will slide in the direction you moved your hand. Move your hand further to slide faster. You will need to ENABLE this option – do so in the opening area with the Left-Hand Path logo.


To view your grimoire bring your staff to your forehead. The grimoire will appear in front of you. As soon as you learn a spell or a ritual, it will appear in the grimoire. Flip through the grimoire’s pages by grasping the turned corners at the bottom left or right of the grimoire and pulling them to the middle of the book. Do remember to read all the pages of the Grimoire!


To make the grimoire disappear raise your staff to your forehead again. It’ll vanish.


To find out how many Husks you have open the Grimoire. There’s a counter at the top right.


To swap to left-handed mode you can change mode in the opening area with the Left-Hand Path logo.


To fight back against monsters read through your Grimoire’s pages – when you start the game you know the Vis spell, which will aid you…


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