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Rise of Industry – Basic Starting Strategy

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Basic Starting Strategy

One of the most effective beginners strategies is that in the art of the farm spam.


Don’t worry about the industry, t2, or t3 products, and check the Farmer’s Market are buying in each town. Pick a town that would buy the farm produce you planning to pursue at the highest prices.


Place your headquarters within that city’s permit area and simply use 1 or 2 of your first unlocks on the easiest to produce yet highest priced farm produce.


Get urban roads quickly as they are cheap to research and provide a large speed boost for your trucks.


Find a nice piece of water close to town and set up your water siphons and fields. Using a warehouse is optional at this point it’s really up to you.


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Based upon the requested amounts of farm produce, expand your fields to meet the towns’ requested amount of food every 15 days.


The maximum in the early game is 12 of each product every 15 days. Slowly research and expand production to additional kinds of requested farm produce bit by bit.


Taking out a loan may be needed to keep enough working capital on hand for the beginning of the next month. Try to get a 10m loan with the longest possible duration (lower monthly payments) as 5m is just too small of a loan to consider.


After you’ve fully supplied the town’s produce requests, there should be roughly 250-450k population within the town. This amount of growth depends on the town’s starting situation and a few other factors.


This is when you should start having more than enough money for R&D to go after higher tiers of product, transportation vehicles, and increased distribution technologies.


Start producing t2 products, or easy t3 like brandy to sell to more advanced stores than Farmer’s Markets or Hardware stores.


Setup trade routes to sell your higher-tier products to farther away towns (less than 250 tiles) in increasing your profits. A liquor store that is close by (less than 250 tiles) will be an extremely easy source of revenue as producing high-tier liquors requires just a few basic lumber-related production lines. Pursuing this will allow you to sell great liquors as well as early grades of lumber products for a very nice profit.


If advanced stores are farther than 250 tiles, we recommend producing other products that are closer by.


At this point, it’s really up to you where to go from. By going through the game in a similar way as we described you will always have a profit with only 3 fields and 3 water harvesters per water siphon.


It’s a great way to start developing your strategies and skills for Rise of Industry, and will ensure you hold a steady early game profit that will provide a backbone for your later game success.


Keep in mind this is a basic strategy designed to help with understanding how production lines work, how to turn a profit, and how cities may or may not grow based on your influence via product sales.


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