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JUMP FORCE – Basic Controls

JUMP FORCE - Basic Controls

Xbox Controller Bindings

  • Left Stick – Movement: Use Left Stick to move around.


  • X – Rush: Tap repeatedly to chain attacks together, even in mid-air. Each character can chain a different number of attacks.


  • Y – Heavy: Tap repeatedly to chain attacks together, even during a Rush Attack. Each character can chain a different number of attacks. These attacks can also be used in midair, though only once.


  • B – Throw: Perform an unblockable attack. It can be used after a Rush or Heavy Attack.


  • A – Jump: Perform a small Jump.


  • RB – Guard: Press to guard attacks again and hold to maintain it. However, smash attacks can bust through your guard, triggering a Guard break.


  • RT – Energy Charge: Press and hold to charge up energy. Gradually recovers energy while you hold the button down.


  • LB – Dash: Use your mobility gauge for dashing toward your opponent. You can also dash while jumping. Press/hold X or Y after dashing to attack, or press/hold RB to guard.


  • LT – Switch: Switch to the next available character on your team.


  • Left Stick Up + X – Rush Up


  • Left Stick Down + X – Rush Down


  • RT + A – Awakened Ability


  • X – Smash


  • Hold Y – Heavy Smash


  • RB – High-Speed Dodge: Evade your opponent’s attack and immediately counterattack whenever you evade smashing attacks.


  • LB – Chase


  • Hold LT – Support attack


  • A – while performing a Rush or Heavy Attack – High-Speed Movement.


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