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Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD – A Basic Guide to Traits

Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD - A Basic Guide to Traits

Trait List

Brave: +2 Morale, immunity to Coward

how to get: the chance to get every time unit gets High Morale, kills 4+



Focused: +1 Magic Missile Attack and +1 MP

how to get: kills>5, attacking with Magic Missile



Survivor: +1 base HP

how to get: kills>12, added when the unit is resurrected or survives battle with 1hp



Coward: increased Panic threshold (1)

how to get: added when unit panics



BattleForged: +1 Att/Def

how to get: unit kills other unit(s), kills>15



Slayer: +3 Attack vs. race x

how to get: added above 5 kills on melee kill



Drunkard: Dwarven ale +1 HP

how to get: added when Dwarf uses Dwarven Ale



Loyal: units don’t deserts

how to get: kills count>25



Strong: +1 Attack

how to get: melee attacks



DarkBlessing: +1 Attack, -1 Def

how to get: melee attacks



Claustrophobia: 2 Treshold Panic in Cave, Basement

how to get: battles in Cave, Basement



Die Hard: +1-3 HP when dying (60% chance)

how to get: kills>10, survive killing blow



Fatso: +1 HP, -20% Speed

how to get: after being in reserve at the end of the battle, kills>4

Note: Fatso will disappear after few battles



Gambler: +2 Morale, occasionally player need to bail out unit

how to get: given randomly when the unit hits with critical



Wild Mage: +2 MP, 15% Misspell rate

how to get: kills >10



Defender: +1 Defence, -10% Speed

how to get: randomly after being attacked (melee)



Intelligent: +15% Experience

how to get: randomly after every battle



Ancient: +1HP

how to get: randomly after being raised (raise death)



Memories: +250 Exp (once)

how to get: randomly after the battle



Arachnophobia: -2 Team Morale and 2 Panic Treshold (with Spiders in the team)

how to get: randomly after a battle with spiders or driders



Savage: +1 Att/-1 Def

how to get: after melee attacking with full hp



Corrupted: becomes Evil

how to get: cannot be Holy, when there are Demons in team



Advanced Summoning: +2 turns Summons

how to get: keep summoning demons



Saint: +2 Morale, immune to Fear, +1 base MP

how to get: after healing spell



Chosen One: +2 Attack, +2 base MP, -1 Morale

how to get: Demons only, kills>25



Greedy: 1.5x to bribe and to stop deserting

how to get: kill unit / treasue with Gold on it



Puppet Master: +1 Turn Hypnotized

how to get: after casting hypnotize spell



Cold-blooded: ignores Morale loss from allies’ death

how to get: small chance every time unit loses Morale from ally’s death



Duelist: Parry always stays active

how to get: being attacked with Parry active



Trait Tiers

S Tier (Better than the rest)


  • Die Hard: A stronger version of the ability, Lucky. It has a higher chance to apply and also heals the unit. Units can only get this with under 9 kills, but it can provide a huge advantage if you need it.


  • Drunkard: Improves a racial trait and makes the entire race better for it.


  • Battleforged: Provides attack and defense boost with no downside. Good on all attacking units.



A Tier (Always good)


  • Survivor: it grants a hp boost if a unit survives with only one HP or is resurrected. Any boost to hp is always worth it, as they are hard to get. Very compatible with Die Hard.


  • Ancient: Same as Survivor.


  • Advanced Summoning: A huge advantage to any unit that specializes in summoning. 2 Turns can mean a lot for 3 imps or one fiend. Summoning an army just got a lot easier.


  • Saint: Any unit that can heal, should just for this trait. Healers often suffer from a lack of MP and this helps alleviate that.


  • Focused: Great for any mage unit. It provides clear benefits that increase the unit’s power by adding more mana and improving a spell that doesn’t use any.


  • Duelist: Parry is a somewhat useful ability, that gives +2 defense when attacked for the first time each round. It does not protect against backstab attacks. Duelist makes parry active on all non-backstab attacks, when used properly, this can make a unit very defensive.



B Tier (More useful than not)


  • Brave: (A Tier Honorable mention) Brave gives a good morale bonus and eliminates the threat of Coward, but is gotten from having already high morale and is only useful in controversial teams. Somewhat redundant.


  • Cold-Blooded: Losing morale from a friendly unit dying can destroy some formations. This is very good for greenskin teams, which have a disadvantage against human ranged units. If a weaker ranged unit dies from being outranged, it can prevent your front line from dissolving as easily from morale loss.


  • Intelligent: A 15% Experience boost is amazing for growth, but if you unlock all the abilities of a unit, this becomes worthless. Solid benefits, but limited in use.


  • Puppet Master: Having an enemy unit for one extra turn is very good. Choose a survivable enemy and watch them hold off their allies for even longer. Unfortunately, a lot of late-game units have Ironmind, so it’s foolproof.


  • Strong: Simple and useful. No downsides. Useful for units that already have good survivability.


  • Loyal: Very good on teams that don’t get along with each other, but if your team has good morale, it doesn’t help at all.


  • Defender: Defense is very useful, but can be very detrimental to units that needed more speed to chase down a kill or keep up with your formation.


  • Fatso: While there is a significant decrease in speed, Fatso increases the survivability of new units immensely and should not be underestimated. It only lasts for a few battles, but if you have multiple healers, then you can exploit the kill requirement of Fatso and cycle them out.


  • Chosen One: Absolutely brutal to the enemy. The morale drop is small but could provide some issues in controversial teams. If you can get ahold of Doombringer, absolutely shoot for this trait on your heroes, because low morale has a very limited effect on heroes.



C Tier (Less useful than not)


  • Slayer: Gives great attack against specific species, but useless against others and takes up a trait slot.


  • Corrupted: This can help with moral issues on evil teams that have neutral units as well. Some players like to keep Succubi around because they have charm, be careful because a mainly Holy team with some neutrals can really suffer from morale issues if a noncharm unit gets corrupted.


  • Memories: A one-time XP boost of 250. Very Useful when applied, but can take up a trait slot for better traits. Strictly worse than Intelligent.


  • Savage: The attack boost from Savage is very good, but there are other traits that give attack as well, without the loss in defense.


  • Dark Blessing: Identical to Savage.


  • Gambler: Provides a nice morale boost, but bailing units out can eat up money that had a better use.


  • Wild Mage: Increases MP, but makes your mages waste turns more often.



F Tier (Only Downsides, Avoid if you can)


  • Arachnaphobia


  • Claustrophobia


  • Greedy


  • Coward


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