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Minecraft Legends: How to Farm Every Resource and Their Locations

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Mining resources is never easy, but Minecraft Legends has found a way to make it less tedious and more enjoyable. The process is automatic. Simply roam around the Overworld placing Allays, and they will collect everything for you. Be sure to protect the villages and remember to empty the resource-filled chests from time to time, and you’re free to do whatever you want. To simplify things even further, we’ve put together this guide that covers the locations of all resources and their uses.


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How to Farm Resources in Minecraft Legends

  • To farm resources, you’ll first have to find them in the Overworld and then place an Allay in that area to farm that specific resource. If you’re on PC, simply hold down the right-click, and the game will show where you can place the Allay. Refer to a detailed list of all the keyboard controls.


  • Each biome is home to specific resources. To find a specific resource, simply open the map and hover over different areas to view all available resources in that biome.


  • Build Improvements to gather more useful and rare resources, such as Redstone and Diamonds.


  • To increase your storage, you’ll need to build more Improvements or Allay Storages.


  • Prismarine is the only resource that cannot be gathered passively. You’ll have to destroy Piglin structures to collect it.



Minecraft Legends: Resource Locations

Resource Source/Biomes Uses
Wood Appears in every Biome Used as a base crafting ingredient in almost every object within the game.
Stone Appears in every Biome Used as a base crafting ingredient in almost every object within the game.
Coal Appears as black blocks in the Meadow and Badlands biomes Spawn Creeper mobs.
Awakens the First of Diorite, a support mob that spawns golems on the battlefield, thereby saving you a trip back to the base.
Defensive building upgrades such as Scatter Towers.
Iron Appears as brown blocks in the Dry Savannah and Forest biomes Construct towers and several other advanced buildings.
Awakens the First of Brick, a support mob that uses a shield to protect allied units.
Create Mossy and Grindstone Golems.
Diamond Appears as white blocks in the Tundra and Jagged Peaks biomes Diamonds let you Spawn Skeleton mobs.
Construct Power Towers and Ice Traps.
Redstone Appears as red blocks in the Swamp and Jungle biomes Spawn Zombie mobs.
Construct Power Towers and Redstone Launchers.
Gold Destroy Piglin Allays and buildings. It lets you activate Power Towers and awaken all the Firsts (Stone, Oak, Brick, and Diorite).
Open chests in Piglin Bases and Outposts.
Lapis Obtain Lapis by defeating Piglin mobs. Youโ€™ll need Lapis to spawn friendly mob units.
Build a Lapis Flag to gain Lapis passively over time. Building more than one flag increases the overall Lapis flow.
Prismarine Destroying structures in Piglin bases is the best way to farm Prismarine. You can use it to build Improvements at the Well of Fate.
Piglins can also drop Prismarine when you slay them.
There is also a small chance of receiving Prismarine as reward from villagers for defending their villages.
Find it in Allay chests (very rare).



How to quickly farm Prismarine in Minecraft Legends

Although there arenโ€™t any shortcuts to gathering Prismarine in Minecraft Legends, the following strategies enabled us to farm the resource more quickly and consistently.


1. Always maintain a stockpile of golem mobs. They are cheap and are perfect for breaking Piglin structures.


2. Search for Piglin outposts during the daytime. Prioritize only the easy targets.


3. Ignore the Piglins and only target the structures, even the neutral ones that donโ€™t deal any damage.


4. Once youโ€™re finished, repeat the process at a different outpost.



How to obtain more Allays in Minecraft Legends

There are two ways to obtain Allays in Minecraft Legends:


1. By building the following structure – Improvement: Abundant Allays. Each building gives you +2 gather Allays and +2 build Allays.


2. By opening chests. However, we donโ€™t recommend searching for Allays in chests, as itโ€™s quite inefficient. Building improvements is a much faster process.


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