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Minecraft Legends: How to Find and Use Diamonds

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In Minecraft Legends, diamonds are highly valuable, as they can significantly boost your in-game progress by allowing you to summon strong ranged units like skeletons, giving you an edge in both single and multiplayer gameplay. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about finding and using diamonds in Minecraft Legends, from exploring biomes and maximizing diamond collection to effectively utilizing diamonds.



Preparing for Diamond Collection

Before embarking on your diamond-gathering adventure, it’s crucial to construct the “Improvement Gather Diamond” structure, which increases your diamond holding capacity. Since your initial diamond capacity is zero, building at least one of these structures is essential. To build these structures, you’ll need stone, wood, and prismarine, which can be obtained by dismantling Piglin structures. To hold more than 150 diamonds, consider constructing additional Improvement Gather Diamond structures.



Locating Diamond-Rich Biomes

Diamonds can be found in two specific biomes: the Jagged Peaks and the Tundra. Since these biomes are relatively rare, you may have to explore your world extensively before finding them. To pinpoint these biomes, consult the key on your map, which indicates their locations.



Diamonds in the Tundra

Upon locating a Tundra biome, you can begin your search for diamonds. They can be found in small veins on the surface, making them relatively easy to spot. Choose the Gather Diamond option from the Gather menu to instruct your allies to collect diamonds on your behalf. Assigning multiple allies can speed up the collection process. The Tundra biome is a more favorable option for finding diamonds, as they are more abundant there than in the Jagged Peaks.



Mining Diamonds in the Jagged Peaks

While the Jagged Peaks biome is harder to traverse, it also contains diamonds. To find them, explore the mountains within the biome and look for light blue specks. As in the Tundra, diamonds will appear in small veins. Once you’ve found a vein, use the Gather Diamond option to collect them. The Jagged Peaks offer a viable alternative for diamond mining if a Tundra biome is not nearby.



Effectively Utilizing Diamonds

After accumulating a significant number of diamonds, you can use them to summon powerful ranged units like skeletons. These units can destroy enemy structures and opponents from afar, giving you a considerable advantage in combat. Although using diamonds for the skeleton spawner is an excellent choice, there may be other recipes and structures that can benefit from this precious resource. Stay alert for new recipes and experiment with different structures to make the most of your diamonds.



Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Be on the lookout for village chests: Diamonds are rare, but occasionally you might get lucky and find some in village chests. Always explore nearby villages and loot their chests for a chance to discover diamonds.


  • Focus on the Tundra biome: As mentioned earlier, diamonds can be found in both the Tundra and Jagged Peaks biomes. However, the Tundra biome generally has more diamonds and is easier to navigate. Prioritize searching in the Tundra biome to increase your chances of finding diamonds.


  • Use multiple allies to gather diamonds more quickly: When you come across a diamond vein, consider assigning multiple allies to gather the diamonds. This way, you can collect this valuable resource more rapidly, especially if you’re pressed for time.


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