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Minecraft Legends: How to Unlock Golems

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In Minecraft Legends, you’ll come across an array of creatures and allies eager to lend a helping hand throughout your gaming adventure. Among these formidable partners, Golems truly stand out with their exceptional abilities and support in various tasks, enhancing your gaming experience with added variety and excitement. In this guide, we’ll show you how to locate and assemble a Golem. So, let’s get started!



Uncover a Disassembled Golem

Disassembled Golems are scattered throughout the Minecraft Legends realm, waiting for players to find and piece them together. When you’re close to a disassembled Golem, a question mark icon (???) will pop up on your map screen. Be aware that not every question mark icon indicates a Golem, so stay vigilant.



Construct the “Improvement: Wake the Firsts” at the Well of Fate

Before you can gain access to a Golem, you must construct the “Improvement: Wake the Firsts” at your Well of Fate. This structure becomes available once you locate a disassembled Golem. The “Improvement: Wake the Firsts” is essential for putting together Golems and incorporating them into your gameplay.



Piece Together Your Golem

With the “Improvement: Wake the Firsts” in place, approach the disassembled Golem and select the option to assemble it. Keep in mind that constructing a Golem necessitates specific resources, so check your map and confirm the Golem’s requirements before initiating the process. After gathering the required materials, complete the assembly to unlock your mighty new ally.



Direct and Revive Your Golems

Once you’ve successfully unlocked a Golem, you can control it just like any other in-game critter. If your Golem happens to be defeated during gameplay, no sweat! You can find them at Village fountains or beacons, ready for revival. Bringing your Golem back to life allows you to continue exploring the expansive world of Minecraft Legends as an unstoppable duo.


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