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Minecraft Legends: Ultimate Guide to Allied Mobs


In Minecraft Legends, you can control 12 mobs for both offense and defense. Each unit comes with unique abilities. For instance, Skeletons are designed for ranged attacks, while Creepers are programmed to explode upon contact with enemy mobs and other buildings. Every unit has its advantages and disadvantages, all of which will be explained in this guide. Moreover, if youโ€™re interested in learning more about the game, make sure to read the rest of our guides on Minecraft Legends. Letโ€™s begin!



Minecraft Legends Allied Mob Units Tier List

  • Tier S – First of Oak, Skeletons, Zombie


  • Tier A – Cobblestone Golem, First of Brick, First of Stone, Warrior


  • Tier B – Creepers, First of Diorite, Mossy Golem, Plank Golem


  • Tier C – Grindstone Golem


Note: Weโ€™ve already covered the Firsts (massive golems that are bigger and more powerful than standard golems) in a different guide. In this one, weโ€™ll be focusing solely on the remaining mob units.



A Breakdown of Allied Mob Units

Mob Unit


Spawner Cost

Unit Cost

Creeper Badlands 2x Coal, 2x Lapis, 1x Flame of Creation 5x Coal, 25x Stone, 25x Wood
Skeleton Tundra 2x Diamond, 2x Lapis, 1x Flame of Creation 5x Diamond, 25x Stone, 25x Wood
Zombie Jungle 2x Redstone, 2x Lapis, 1x Flame of Creation 5x Redstone, 25x Stone, 25x Wood
Cobblestone Golem 25x Stone, 25x Wood 1x Stone, 1x Lapis
Grindstone Golem 5x Iron, 25x Stone, 25x Wood 1x Iron, 1x Lapis
Mossy Golem 5x Iron, 25x Stone, 25x Wood 1x Iron, 1x Lapis
Plank Golem 25x Stone, 25x Wood 1x Wood, 1x Lapis




  • They deal a lot of damage upon exploding. Perfect for quickly taking down bosses and structures.


  • Donโ€™t use Creepers to lead an attack force. Command them to approach a target once the path is clear.


  • Enemies that survive the Creeperโ€™s explosion will flee from your avatar.


  • Creepers are like consumables. Theyโ€™re gone once they explode, so use them sparingly. And in case youโ€™re low on resources, be sure to check out our resource gathering guide for a detailed breakdown of all the farmable resources and where to find them.




  • Skeletons are ranged mobs that can attack over walls.


  • They have the longest range and can shoot further compared to any other unit.


  • They can also walk in daylight thanks to their helmet.


  • However, Skeletons are fragile and vulnerable to melee attacks.




  • You cannot summon Warriors like you do with other mobs. They are a special unit in Minecraft Legends that neither consumes an army slot nor any resources.


  • Youโ€™ll have to recruit them by visiting new villages where you can always spot a few near the Village Fountain.


  • They are quite powerful and deal a considerable amount of damage to Piglins.




  • Zombies arenโ€™t affected by debuffs, and they also have a high health pool.


  • Their disruptive melee attacks can also dish out high amounts of damage.


  • Also, like Skeletons, they also have a hat that lets them walk around during the day.



Cobblestone Golem

  • Perfect for destroying buildings but not so good for fighting Piglins.



Grindstone Golem

  • Can also stun enemies.


  • Most effective when fighting against Piglins rather than buildings.



Mossy Golem

  • The Mossy Golem is a support mob that doesnโ€™t attack enemies.


  • They remove status effects and heal you and your mobs.



Plank Golem

  • Low-health short range mob that deals considerable damage to Piglins.


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