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What A New Metal Gear Game Look Like | Opinion Piece

What A New Metal Gear Game Look Like | Opinion Piece

Today, we examine the all-important question. What would a new Metal Gear title look like in the current landscape of video game development?


In truth, there are few franchises as familiar or iconic as Metal Gear Solid. With a deep history spanning multiple generations, dating as far back asย Microsoft’s archaic MSX2, the Metal Gear Solid franchise has garnered loyal admirers worldwide since its celebrated inception. Upon reflection, I can’t think of a series that has grown from strength to strength in the manner of MGS. A series that, up until recently, had enjoyed significant success and longstanding critical acclaim.


However, things change, and the cruel continuity of time brings about new challenges. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Konami seems far less invested in video game development and production than it once was. Instead, the company has seemingly prioritized the pachinko market over its handsome collection of IPs in recent years – an embarrassment of riches that would illuminate any game maker’s rรฉsumรฉ.


What A New Metal Gear Game Look Like | Opinion Piece


Somewhat sadly,ย Castlevania,ย Silent Hill, andย Metal Gear Solidย partiallyย live on, purely through the adored legacies they have cultivated, rather than the presence of any recent mainline releases. Despite passionate calls for franchise resurrections from fervent fans, nothing appears to be in the future pipeline. At least at the time of writing. These are, of course, simply my opinions, but the longer Konami leaves its iconic IPs to accumulate dust, the more likely their popularity will fade.



New Metal Gear Solid Game – No Hideo Kojima

When Konami and Kojima were operating in sequence, it was an unstoppable force, capable, at its peak, of outputting incredible gaming experiences. If Kojima was the creative brainchild, then Konami provided the appropriate platform for Metal Gear Solid to shine as an art form. At the time, Metal Gear Solid’s groundbreaking PS1 arrival brought about a new benchmark in video game development. Aside from impressively pushing boundaries of 3D game design, Metal Gear also significantly elevated the level of storytelling, with its incredible cinematics and emotionally involving narrative.


What A New Metal Gear Game Look Like | Opinion Piece


In retrospect, it was an era-defining partnership responsible for some of the finest Metal Gear Solid experiences. Successive releases, such asย Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, andย Guns of the Patriots, would continue the series’ long-lasting tradition of awe-inspiring production values and thrilling stealth-action gameplay. But all great things aren’t built forever, and sadly, the infamous Kojima and Konami split would throw the Metal Gear Solid series into disarray. Without touching on what happened, Kojima’s absence, upon founding his independent studio,ย Kojima Productions,ย is undoubtedly a huge loss for the franchise.


Having played an integral part in the creative process and possessing all the convoluted intricacies of Metal Gear canon, Kojima is almost spiritually inseparable from the series. Like Big Boss and Solid Snake, the two come genetically attached. Then cameย Metal Gear Survive.



Metal Gear Survive

For many, myself included,ย Metal Gear Survive signified and, in some ways, rubberstamped the end of Kojima’s tenure at the company. Personally, it was a sad departure from the games I grew to love. Tearing up the traditional Metal Gear timeline with unexplained wormholes in the sky and time-traveling crystalline creatures,ย Surviveย offered an alternate universe whose strict enthesis on survival entered completely new territory for the series. Almost as if Konami wanted to burn its bridges.


What A New Metal Gear Game Look Like | Opinion Piece


Perhaps then, the demolishment ofย Mother Baseย in the opening cutscene was a visual metaphor symbolic of change?


Whatever the case, according to Metacritic, fans wholeheartedly disapproved. As it stands, Metal Gear Survive has attracted “Overwhelming Dislike” on PS4 and PC from players, with critics being slightly kinder. But despite player disapproval, there is still hope for the Metal Gear Solid series. Here’s how I think MGS can sustain itself going forward.



New Metal Gear Solid Game – The Future of The Series

Speaking as a fan and assuming Konami still holds the rights to all lore aspects, there are many options available. Firstly, bringing Solid Snake back into the picture (or David Hayter) is one way. Elsewhere, iconic characters such as Grey Fox, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, and Vamp have compelling backstories aching for further expansion/exploration.


What A New Metal Gear Game Look Like | Opinion Piece


Of course, there’s always the chance Konami will lease out the Metal Gear IP for another studio to steer an upcoming game. In the meantime, how about an online multiplayer deathmatch mode including all the series’ most iconic characters to rebuild hype for the next major single-player campaign. If not for a nostalgic slice of fun?


I know the fanbase would love to experience a modern-day remaster or remake if none of that works. But, seriously, get me on the phone to Konami; I’ve got tonnes more suggestions!


All jokes aside, I’m still praying Konami can resurrect the Metal Gear Solid series. Whether we see a new mainline release soon, weโ€™ll have to hold our breath.


Would you like a new Metal Gear Solid game, or has that ship sailed? Which one is your fav? Let us know in the comments!


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