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Last Whisper PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Last Whisper PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Got all the basic keyboard shortcuts for Last Whisper right here. It’s not a ton to remember, but if you’re the type who forgets easily, do yourself a favor and bookmark this page for quick access down the line.



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Forward: W to move up


  • Backward: S to go back


  • Right: D to sidestep right


  • Left: A to move left


  • Jump: Spacebar for jumping


  • Sprint: Left Shift to sprint


  • Open Settings: Escape to adjust settings


  • Reloading: R for reloading your weapon


  • Viewmode: V to change the view


  • Maps: M to see the map


  • Open Inventory: Tab for inventory


  • Game Info: I


  • Fire Mode: B toggles your weapon’s fire mode, because sometimes you need to switch things up in the heat of battle.


  • Toggle Attachment: T customizes your gear, fitting the right tool for the right job.



In-game Control Scheme

Last Whisper PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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