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Ars Notoria PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Ars Notoria PC Keyboard Controls Guide

This handy guide’s got all the default keyboard shortcuts and controls you’ll need for Ars Notoria right at your fingertips. There’s quite a few to remember, so it might be a good idea to bookmark this page. That way, you can easily come back to it whenever you need to jog your memory.



Default PC Keyboard Controls


  • W: Move Forward


  • S: Move Backward


  • A: Move Left


  • D: Move Right


  • Left Shift: Sprint


  • Left Ctrl: Crouch


  • Caps Lock: Toggle Walking


  • Space Bar: Jump


  • Thumb Mouse Button: Dodge


  • Thumb Mouse Button 2: Sidestep


  • Z: Summon Mount




  • Left Mouse Button: Fast Attack / Alternative Attack / Pick Up Object


  • Shift + LMB: Dash Attack


  • Right Mouse Button: Guard / Aim / Throw Object


  • Q: Target Lock


  • X: Sheathe Weapon


  • L: Lock/Unlock Object


  • E: Interact




  • E: Interact


  • Left Mouse Button: Pick Up Object


  • Right Mouse Button: Throw Object


  • L: Lock/Unlock Object


  • Middle Mouse Button: Investigate / Change Rarity



Camera & Interface

  • V: Camera Mode


  • Mouse Wheel Up: Zoom In


  • Mouse Wheel Down: Zoom Out


  • H: Hide Interface



Character & Inventory Management

  • Tab: Switch Character


  • F1: Select First Character


  • F2: Select Second Character


  • F3: Select Third Character


  • F4: Select Fourth Character


  • I: Inventory


  • J: Journal


  • M: Map


  • Q: Quick Menu


  • F5: Quick Save


  • 1-0, Hyphen, Equals: Quickslot 1-12



Building & Crafting

  • B: Building Menu


  • C: Crafting Menu


  • K: Skill Menu


  • Left Mouse Button: Confirm Building


  • Right Mouse Button: Cancel Building


  • Y: Raise Build Part


  • R: Rotate Build Part


  • Left Alt: Show Description



In-Game Control Scheme

Ars Notoria PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Ars Notoria PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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