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HumanitZ PC Keyboard Controls Guide

A Gas Station in HumanitZ

There are a few different ways our world might end. It’s scary to think about, but if humanity ends up being wiped out by zombies, at least the massive media push for zombie apocalypse content will have prepared millions and millions of people. Scavenging for supplies, arming yourself, and being wary of other humans, these movies, games, and TV shows seem to have most of those lessons covered.


The latest entry to this coveted sub-genre is called HumatiZ. Developed by Yodubzz Studios and published by Freedom Games, HumanitZ is a top-down, twin-stick shooter set in an open world that has been overrun by a zombie horde. Team up with your friends, fight zombies, and work together to make some kind of future for the few members of the human race who haven’t been infected.


There’s no doubt that’s a tall order, and you’ll need your wits about you at all times in order to accomplish that goal. In HumanitZ, one wrong button press can lead to you or your co-op partners being eaten by zombies, and no one wants that. So, to avoid that event, you can use this HumanitZ keyboard controls and key bindings guide to keep on top of things. Don’t risk making a bad move, save this guide and keep it available while you play!




  • Q + E: Rotate Camera


  • W: Forward


  • D: Right


  • Spacebar: Jump


  • Shift: Sprint


  • Ctrl: Walk


  • C: Crouch


  • F: Interact


  • Tab: Inventory


  • B: Build Mode (Hammer More Options)


  • Right Mouse Button: Build List (Only in Build Mode)


  • T: Torch or Car Lights


  • Left Mouse Button: Fight & Fire


  • Right Mouse Button: Zoom Weapon View


  • Middle Mouse Button: Finishers


  • 1: Primary Weapon


  • 2: Secondary Weapon


  • 3: Pistol


  • 4: Knife or Hammer


  • V: Ground Attack


  • ALT: Combat Mode (Toggle)


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