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Helskate PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Helskate PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Here’s a simple breakdown of all the keyboard controls & skateboard tricks you can pull off in Helskate on PC. There’s a bunch to remember, so this guide is perfect for a quick refresher whenever you need it. Make sure to bookmark it for quick access!!



Basic Controls

  • Flip: Q


  • Grind: F


  • Grab: E


  • Skate: ALT


  • Basic Attack: Left Mouse Button


  • Heavy Attack: Right Mouse Button


  • Menu: ESC


  • Dash: 1





  • Hardflip: W A Q


  • 360 Flip: S S Q


  • Backside Bigflip: W W Q


  • Gazelle: A A Q


  • Impossible Dance: S W Q


  • Barrel Roll: A D Q


  • Indy900: W A Q


  • McTwist: S D E


  • Frontside Flip: D D Q


  • Varial Heelflip: S D Q




  • Benihana: S A E


  • Airwalk: W W E


  • Christ Air: A D E


  • Mr Fancy: S W E


  • Indy: D E


  • Melon: A E


  • Nose Crab: S E




  • Backside Tailslide: S S F


  • Backside Darkslide: A S F


  • Frontside Crailslide: W A F


  • Casperslide: W S F


  • Frontside Five-O: S F


  • Frontside Noseslide: D F


  • Manual: W S


  • Nose Manual: S W


  • Handstand: E E


  • Frontside Nosegrind: A F


  • Pogo: Q Q


  • 50-50: F


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