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Coridden PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Coridden PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Here’s your quick guide to all the keyboard shortcuts you’ll need for Coridden on your PC… It’s a bunch to remember, so why not bookmark this page? That way you’ve always got a quick reference when your memory’s a bit fuzzy.



Coridden Keyboard Shortcuts for PC

  • Moving Up & Down: W for forward, S to back it up…


  • Side to Side: Press D to go right & A to move left


  • Auto-Run?: Just hit Left Ctrl


  • To Interact: It’s E


  • Mount Up: Also E


  • Dodge Moves: Left Shift or Right Mouse Button – pick your style


  • Jump: That’s the Space Bar


  • Sprint Around: Hold Left Shift


  • Sprint on/off: Left Ctrl’s your go-to


  • Shape-Shift: Q is the key


  • Block or Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • Shoot: Left Mouse Button


  • Cast Spells: Yep, Left Mouse Button again


  • Your Special Moves: 1, 2, 3, and 4 for all your special abilities.


  • Quick Teleport?: Press T


  • Character Menu: TAB


  • Map: Hit M to see where you’re at


  • Skill Tab: K.


  • Attributes Tab: O.


  • Inventory Tab: I.


  • Equipment Tab: U.


  • Beast Mastery: B


  • Pause: Hit P to take a break.


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