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Fallout 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Fallout 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Have you ever thought about how civilization would end because of humanity’s stupid mistakes? The answer for most of you would probably be: “nuclear war, since as Einstein said, ‘WW3 or 4 will be fought with sticks and stones. I told ya.’” That’s true. Atomic war has always been a hot topic. The US-Soviet common confrontation after WW2 was a mess, and there were several close calls back in those days.


The Fallout Series, an epic video game franchise, has taken a lot of inspiration from the Cold War, given its unique approach to the aftermath of an atomic war. The series is very intriguing. Even now, it has its own TV series that was recently released on Amazon Prime and it has been very successful, currently having a score of 8.7 on IMDB. I also watched the series and, man, it was awesome—it seriously deserves its acclaim. The first season has 8 episodes, and each one is amazing…


But, back to Fallout 2. This sequel takes place eighty years after the first game, and you play as the chosen one who tries to save the village named Arroyo from famine and drought. Then, the storyline evolves into something bigger and more dramatic (no spoilers). The game is pretty old (almost 30 years now), and unlike the newly released games from the series, like New Vegas and Fallout 4, it offers an isometric view with a perfect blend of strategy and action. That is why knowing each hotkey and keyboard shortcut is crucial. We list all in one place for easy reference here.



Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

General Controls

  • A – Attack – Start Combat


  • C – Character Screen


  • I – Inventory


  • P – PIPBoy 2000 Main Screen


  • Z – PIPBoy Alarm Clock


  • O or ESC – Options


  • B – Toggle Active Items


  • M – Toggle Mouse Mode


  • N – Toggle Active Item Mode


  • S – Skilldex


  • 1 – Use Sneak Skill


  • 2 – Use Lockpick Skill


  • 3 – Use Steal Skill


  • 4 – Use Traps Skill


  • 5 – Use First Aid Skill


  • 6 – Use Doctor Skill


  • 7 – Use Science Skill


  • 8 – Use Repair Skill


  • < – Rotate Counter-clockwise


  • > – Rotate Clockwise


  • Space – End turn (Combat only)


  • ENTER – End Combat (Combat)


  • Tab – Done (Non-combat)


  • HOME – Centre Screen on PC (Game View)




  • Tab – Change Window


  • Arrow Keys – Move within Window


  • + – Add


  • – Subtract



Inventory Hotkeys

  • HOME – Jump to top of list


  • END – Jump to bottom of list


  • PGUP – Jump up one screen


  • PGDN – Jump down one screen




  • + – Decrease Brightness


  • – Increase Brightness


  • F1 – Help


  • F2 – Master Volume Down


  • F3 – Master Volume Up


  • F4 or CTRL-S – Save Game


  • F5 or CTRL-L – Load Game


  • F6 – Quick Save


  • F7 – Quick Load


  • F10 or CTRL-X – Exit to Main Menu


  • F12 – Save Screenshot


  • CTRL-P – Pause




Fallout 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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