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Fallout Shelter Strategy Guide for Beginners


Equip Dwellers Correctly!

As you play you will get new outfits and weapons. Before you send a dweller out to explore, you should give them a weapon and an outfit that increases their powers.


Weapons also come in handy when guarding the vault door from raiders and dealing with Radroaches.


The clothing can add to special skills, making a dweller more productive in a specific room. Make sure you put these to use.





Send Dwellers Exploring

You can send dwellers exploring to find items, gain XP and earn caps. Equip a dweller with a weapon and an outfit that adds endurance. If you can send an explorer with high endurance, the outcome is more favorable. You can also send other dwellers out to increase happiness as some will prefer exploration to working a water plant.


Use the Medbay and Science Lab to create stimpacks and radaways to equip your explorer with for better success in the wastelands. Give the wanderers the best weapons available.


Check on your explorers often and make sure you call them back in time so they don’t die. Once you get the production up and running and have enough weapons one good strategy is to keep a few dwellers exploring at a time.





Get More Dwellers

There are three main ways to get more dwellers. The first is to invite those in who show up randomly at your door. The second is to put a man and a woman in the living quarters and wait for them to make a baby. The third is to create a radio station that can call in dwellers who hear your messages.


Make sure you don’t have a baby boom that cripples resources. When I started I tried to grow my population fast and ended up with three kids who can’t work or explore, but need food and water. Space kids out some and don’t attempt to grow to fast or your resources will falter.





Upgrade Vault Door & Add Guards

Eventually raiders will attack to steal resources and kill your dwellers. When you have 500 caps to spare, upgrade the vault door and as you gain weapons you can equip a few dwellers to guard the door and take the raiders on without waiting for them to break into other areas.





Resurrect the dead dwellers

If you lose a dweller to death by raider, exploration or accident, you can bring them back from the dead to help you out again. You need to spend caps to do this, but it is worth it for higher level dwellers with special skills you need.





Earn Caps

Exploring the Wasteland


By sending a Dweller out into the Wasteland, you can earn caps and find many useful items. Be warned, the Wasteland presents many dangers, and your Dweller could die! Make sure that they are equipped with the appropriate weapons and armor before they enter the Wasteland.





Selling your Stuff

The second method of earning Caps is selling your excess or poor quality gear. This can range from weapons to armor to junk.


Sometimes gear that you find in the Wasteland or in Lunchboxes can be of a poor, or lower, quality. This equipment is best avoided, and sold instead. When upgrading your Dwellers’ equipment, replace the poor quality stuff with better quality equipment. To save strorage space, sell the old gear.





Sell Items

Eventually you will gain too many items that you don’t need. You can sell these to get caps that you can use to build and revive dead players. Tap on the Pip Boy icon in the lower right corner and then on items in storage to sell them. This will come into play as you get more items. To start, it’s a good idea to equip and not sell.





Learning S.P.E.C.I.A.L

S Strength Power Generator and Nuclear Reactor

P Perception Water Treatment and Water Purification

E Endurance Exploration and Nuka Cola Bottler

C Charisma Living Quarters and Radio Studio

I Intelligence Medbay and Science Lab

A Agility Diner and Garden

L Luck Exploration, also for Rooms you use Rush




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