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Beyond Hanwell PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Beyond Hanwell PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Check out this handy list of all the default keyboard controls for Beyond Hanwell – it’s super straightforward, so you’ll probably be fine with them as they are. But if you ever wanna mix things up a bit, you can always customize them in the settings. Keep this guide bookmarked, so you can quickly glance at it whenever you need.



PC Keyboard Controls & Keybinds

  • E: Engage with items or the environment.


  • Space Bar: Jump over barriers or to higher platforms.


  • Left Shift: Sprint to cover ground quickly or escape danger.


  • F: Use your flashlight to light up dark areas.


  • Left Ctrl: Crouch to sneak past enemies or through small spaces.


  • R: Reload your weapon or equip different gear.


  • Left Mouse Button: Primary attack or use an item.


  • Right Mouse Button: Secondary attack or alternate item use.


  • Mouse Wheel Axis: Switch between weapons on the fly.


  • Q: Kick to fend off enemies or break objects.


  • W/S/A/D: Navigate through your inventory in the respective direction.


  • Tab: Open your inventory to manage your gear.


  • 1, 2: Quick-use items for rapid access during combat.


  • Left Alt: Activate a special item without digging through your inventory.


  • Escape: Pause the game to take a break or adjust settings.


  • W/A/S/D: Move your character forward, left, backward, or right.



In-Game Control Scheme

Beyond Hanwell PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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