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Intravenous PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Intravenous PC Keyboard Controls Guide

In this guide, you will find the complete list of controls and shortcuts for Intravenous. Whether you’re in the main menu or in-game, you can change your control settings. From the options menu, select the Controls setting.


Looking forward to entering the world of Intravenous? Here are the default PC controls;



Controls & Hotkeys

Move down S
Move left A
Move right D
Left Mouse Button
Aim mode
Right Mouse Button
Toggle night vision TAB
Interact E
Alternative interact Q
Tertiary interact V
Prone/stand Left Control
Drop weapon G
Drop armor F1
Holster/draw weapon H
Reload weapon R
Switch fire mode X
Climb Space
Make noise V
Make noise (microphone) F1
Melee strike C
Unload nearby weapons Z
Sprint Left Shift
Quicksave F5
Quickload F9


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