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Dungeonborne PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Dungeonborne PC Keyboard Controls Guide

This guide’s got everything you need to know about the keyboard controls and shortcuts for Dungeonborne on your PC. The setup’s pretty simple and easy to get the hang of, so you’ll likely stick with the default settings. But hey, if you feel like mixing things up, you can always customize them in the settings menu. Bookmark this page so you’ve always got a quick cheat sheet whenever you need a quick reminder.



PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

  • Move Forward – W


  • Move Back – S


  • Move Left – A


  • Move Right – D


  • Jump – Space


  • L. Ctrl: Hold to crouch.


  • Auto Run – =


  • Left Mouse Button: Click to lash out at foes or hold it a little longer for that dramatic, charged attack that leaves enemies reeling.


  • Right Mouse Button: Right-clicking is your quick reflex to block an attack; itโ€™s like throwing up an invisible shield just in time.


  • The ‘F‘ key is your ‘grab all the things’ button. See loot or an interactive object? ‘F’ is your way to say, “Mine!!”


  • Open/Close Inventory – Tab


  • Skill 1 – Q


  • Skill 2 – E


  • Weapon Set 1 – 1


  • Weapon Set 2 – 2


  • Throwables – 3


  • Consumables 1 – 4


  • Consumables 2 – 5


  • Lost? Need directions? The ‘M‘ key unfolds your map to navigate your adventures.


  • Reload – R


  • T is for talk. Use it to call out to friends or taunt your enemies; it’s all about making your voice heard.


  • Mouse Wheel Up: Scroll to select the previous weapon.


  • Mouse Wheel Down: Scroll to select the next weapon.



Default In-Game Control Scheme

Dungeonborne PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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