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Nightingale PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Nightingale PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Check out this handy guide for all the default keyboard controls and key bindings for Nightingale on PC. There’s a bunch of keybinds and actions to keep track of, so if your memory’s as slippery as mine, you might want to bookmark this page. It’s perfect for a quick refresher whenever you need it… The controls are pretty intuitive & shouldn’t need major remapping, but just in case they don’t quite fit your style; remember you can always tweak them to your heart’s content from the settings menu.



PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

  • Move back with S.


  • Head forward using W.


  • Slide left with A.


  • Go right by pressing D.


  • Num Lock toggles auto-run. Super handy!!


  • Duck down with Ctrl.


  • Leap up with the Spacebar.


  • Shift lets you sprint. Fast moves!


  • Q activates your first ability.


  • Use R for your second ability.


  • Third ability? That’s V.


  • Left mouse Button is for your primary action. Click away!


  • Secondary action? Right Mouse Button has got you covered.


  • To sheathe or unsheathe items hit H.


  • X switches to build mode.


  • Got something for the offhand? F is your key.


  • Holding E interacts with things.


  • Quests? J opens up that menu.


  • Recipe check? C is your go-to.


  • Tab brings up the inventory.


  • Lost? M for the map menu.


  • B dives into gameplay menus.


  • Quickbar slots 0 to 9 are just that: 0 through 9.


  • Previous quickbar item? Mouse Wheel Down.


  • Next up in the quickbar? Mouse Wheel Up.


  • To bail on build mode, press X again.


  • Building menu? That’s B.


  • Rotate stuff anticlockwise with Middle Mouse Button/Mouse Wheel.


  • Adjusting height? Yep, MMB.


  • R toggles height adjustment.


  • Chat commands start with /.


  • T opens the chat.


  • Social butterfly? P opens your social menu.


  • ESC to quickly open the system menu.


  • F4 to toggle the HUD visibility.


  • Z for the emote wheel.


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