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Astronomics PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Astronomics PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Astronomics is all about that top-down action and space adventuring. You’ll be diving into asteroid mining with a bunch of loyal bot crewmates, working your magic in the asteroid belt. Impress your boss, level up your gear, duke it out with pirates, and stack your cash for that dream ticket back to Earth – homecoming’s gonna be lit, especially since it’s your first time.


And this guide right here? It’s got all the default PC keyboard controls & keybindings you need to know. Not a ton to keep in your head, but you might wanna bookmark this page for real. It’s clutch for those moments when you need a quick reminder…



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Move with ‘W‘ (forward), ‘S‘ (back), ‘A‘ (left), and ‘D‘ (right).


  • Rotate your view by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse.


  • Use your equipped tool or item with a left-click.


  • Hold ‘Shift‘ to lock onto a target.


  • Jump with the ‘Space‘ bar.


  • Press ‘Q‘ to bring up the tool wheel.


  • Interact with your surroundings with ‘E‘.


  • Cancel actions or close menus with ‘X‘.


  • Switch modes or vehicles with ‘Tab‘.


  • Select your first or second tool with ‘1‘ or ‘2‘.



In-Game Control Scheme

Astronomics PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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