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Whisper Mountain Outbreak PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Whisper Mountain Outbreak PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Resident Evil sparked a whole zombie craze, ya know? It kinda made zombies a big deal in our lives, especially after the early 2000s kicked off… This trend got so huge, even Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon & churned out a bunch of flicks. Loads of video games hopped on this trend too; I mean, we got Project Zomboid, Dying Light, The Walking Dead, World War Z and so on…


Now, Project Zomboid really did its own thing, showing us that isometric zombie games can totally work. Whisper Mountain Outbreak, though, takes that smart idea but goes for a simpler, more action-packed vibe. The game’s got this spooky but cool feel, mixing pixel art & 3D in a pretty sweet way – all thanks to the Toge Productions crew from Indonesia.


Controls are a breeze, no complex stuff, and the list is short & sweet. Pausing mid-game? Not really, unless you’ve found a safe spot. That’s your pause button… This guide? It’s here to list all the default controls, making your life easier whenever you need a quick refresher.



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Move Up: W


  • Move Down: S


  • Move Left: A


  • Move Right: D


  • Open Inventory: Tab


  • Throw an object: G


  • Heal yourself or use a health item: H


  • Interact with objects or the environment: F


  • Skip through dialogue or cutscenes: Space


  • Rotate the camera left: Q


  • Rotate the camera right: E


  • Open the map: M


  • Dash or quick move: Space


  • Sprint or run faster: Left Shift


  • Reload your weapon or item: R



In-game Control Scheme

Whisper Mountain Outbreak PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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