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FIFA 23: How to Score a Top Spin Free Kick

FIFA 23: How to Score a Top Spin Free Kick

Welcome back, soccer fans! The pitch has missed you, so gear up and get ready to take on the stiffest competition yet in FIFA 23, the world’s favorite soccer sim. Experience the unmatched realism, fantastic game modes, and a suite of online multiplayer options that will keep you entertained for many, many hours.


In the average FIFA fan’s quest to become the top player in the FIFA community, they will come across a number of situations in both their single-player career as well as their quest to climb the online leaderboards. One of those situations will be the dreaded free kick.



How to Score a Top Spin Free Kick in FIFA 23

In free kick situations, your player will post up at a certain distance from the goal, and have a single shot to score. Sounds easy? It would be, if you didn’t have to contend with a wall of players in front of you as well as the goalie inside the net. With so many obstacles to deal with, a straightforward kick likely won’t net you the results you seek, so scoring that goal comes down to your skill and craftiness.


  • One way you can try to bypass the wall of players is by kicking the ball right over their heads before making the ball spin downward into the net. This move is called a top spin, and it will be one of the most useful tools in your repertoire if you want to be a top FIFA player. So, if you’re ready to learn something that will get you out of some sticky situations, then here is how to do a top spin free kick.


  • Thankfully, this move is fairly easy to pull off. As long as you are roughly 20 yards away from the goal and controlling a player with decent stats, you should be good to go. Take up the default free kick position, and take aim towards the top of the goal, above the goalpost. Now, hold the shot button until you have about two and a half bars of power, depending on how far away you are, and flick the right analog stick up and down before you let go of the shot button. If you’ve done it correctly, you will see a beautiful top spin that will win you the game.


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