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FIFA 23: How to Score Under-The-Wall Free Kicks

FIFA 23: How to Score Under-The-Wall Free Kicks

The world-renowned FIFA series is back for another year of intense soccer action with FIFA 23, the biggest and best entry yet. Go all in on the single-player campaign to climb to the top of the league with realistic game mechanics and graphical touches, or grab some friends and go online  to take on challengers all over the world in one of the most popular online multiplayer suites ever created.


Any time you get into a heated match with a skilled player or team, you’ll probably have to deal with free kicks at the end of the match to decide the victor. These are rough, stressful situations, but entirely necessary to any soccer match. And, they don’t have to be as scary as they seem at first. With some helpful tips and a few tricky maneuvers, you can consistently overcome the odds and take that win home for your team.



How to Score Under-The-Wall Free Kicks in FIFA 23

There are plenty of ways you can handle a free kick, but one of them is the under-the-wall free kick. When you line up to take your free kick, the opposing team will line up several players in front of you with the goal of adding extra obstacles to your already pretty difficult shot. With an under-the-wall shot, you’ll be kicking the ball in such a way that it slides right through that wall, in-between the very players who have been put there to block you.


It might sound a little unorthodox, and it is quite tricky to get right, but with enough practice and skill, you’ll be making fools of opposing players on a regular basis. If you want to know how to pull off an under-the-wall shot, here’s how to do it.


First, you should set your aim for the bottom of the wall of players. Ideally in between players if you can manage it. Then, you should press the shot button until you have built up about one and a half bars of power, depending of course on how far away from the goal you are. Take up either the default or wide free kick stance, and let it fly. In FIFA 23, the opposing team’s wall will need to jump in order for this shot to work, but as long as that goes according to plan, you’ll likely make that shot!


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