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How to Score a 2nd/3rd Man Free Kick in FIFA 23

How to Score a 2nd/3rd Man Free Kick in FIFA 23

In an industry full of sports games, there’s only one real series that has become a worldwide phenomenon, with each entry consistently breaking sales records, and that series is FIFA. The world’s favorite soccer simulator is back for the 2023 season with FIFA 23, and it’s bringing along with it a ton of new features and content to keep the franchise alive and kicking.


Gamers and soccer fans alike can dive deep into the single player campaign to take their team of choice to the top of the league, and after that, they can take their finely tuned skills to the online competition to see how they stack up to worldwide FIFA players. In either method of play you will inevitably have to navigate the challenge of a free kick. These match-deciding shots can be extremely stressful, but with a little skill and guidance any FIFA player can come out on top when faced with one.


If you’re somewhat of an advanced player, it is possible to bring a second and even third man onto the pitch for a free kick to add extra layers and angles of possibility. This tactical maneuver will take most teams by surprise, but be careful you don’t overuse it to the point that your challenger is expecting you to use it.



FIFA 23: How to Score a 2nd/3rd Man Free Kick

If you want to pull off a 2nd and 3rd man free kick in FIFA 23, then here is what you’re going to want to do. In order to set up the extra men on the field, you’re going to want to press the right bumper for your second man, and the left bumper for your third man. This process is the same for both PlayStation and Xbox.


Now that they are in position, you can go ahead and execute your plan. You can take the shot yourself, or pass to one of your extra men on the field by pressing and holding their associated button. Once the ball is passed, that player will take over and take their shot on the goal, hopefully scoring.


It’s worth noting that this is a more complicated maneuver, especially for first-time players. As with everything practice makes perfect, so give it a shot and good luck!


FIFA 23: How to Score Under-The-Wall Free Kicks


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