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Cultist Simulator – Priest Legacy Complete Guide

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A complete guide to the Priest legacy in Cultist Simulator




You will start with an Appointment to a Quiet Parish, some basic abilities, and some knock 2 lore.


Once you use your church to preach about the knock lore, you will begin the path of the priest.




The focus of the priest legacy is preaching, which can be done by placing An Appointment to a Quiet Parish into the work verb


The priest job has 3 slots, Discipline, Lore, and Fervour.


The Discipline slot accepts Abilities (Passion, Reason, Health)


  • Reason will lead to a higher chance to create Fervour


  • Passion will cause your preaching to take less time


  • Health will begin the creation of a Lock-Scar (Read on to learn about these)



The Lore slot accepts (you guessed it) Lore.


  • Higher lore will have more positive effects



The Fervour slot accepts Fervour.


  • Fervour will increase rewards from Preaching


Preaching will yield one Funds if done with no or low level lore.


Higher lore will add chances of receiving a temporary follower and additional Funds




To win as a priest, you must have seven lock-scars.


Lock-scars can be created in any principle except Knock and Secret Histories


Lock-Scars can be created by Preaching with the following elements


  • Health


  • Lore of the tenth degree or higher in the principle which you wish to create a scar for


  • Fervour


Once you have inserted all three of these and pressed start, a slot will appear which requires Restlessness



Once that cycle completes, you will need one more offering, depending on which scar you are creating


  • Lantern requires Erudition


  • Grail requires Hunger (donโ€™t have funds when time passes; probably easiest to achieve by holding all your funds in your hand, which prevents the magnet from grabbing them)


  • Moth requires Glimmering


  • Heart requires Vitality


  • Winter requires an Affliction (season of sickness)


  • Forge requires a Bronze Spintria


  • Edge requires an Injury


Once this is complete, you will have one lock-scar. You need seven (of different principles) to win.



Creating More Health

You will need a total of at least 7, preferably 9+, health to win.


To create more health, you need to talk to summons


Some summons will have aspects that indicate that you can sacrifice reason or passion to gain a decrepitude.


  • Talk to them about reason or passion to accomplish this


This decrepitude can then be converted to Health by using it in the Forgeโ€™s Redemption ritual


  • This ritual can be performed with decrepitude, at least 1 grail, and at least 5 forge


  • Higher forge means higher chance of success




Once you have all seven lock-scars, use one lock-scar in a rite that accepts a tool, along with at least 24 knock. Note that the lock-scars themselves offer 2 knock, so really you just need 22.


  • I accomplished this with Knock 10 lore and the Frangiclave (Knock 12 tool)


You will need to keep yourself alive for another 6 minutes while you feed the remaining lock-scars into the verb


Congratulations on a Standard Priest Victory!



Secret Ending

The Priest Anti-Victory can be achieved by dying of hunger while in possession of three or more lock-scars.


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