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Cultist Simulator – General Walkthrough

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In the beginning, you have nothing but a menial job (unless you have already completed one course of the game and are playing as descendant). The only thing you can do at the very beginning is to put your job card into your work verb and press start.


Wait until you have finished your first task, a Dream-Verb will appear, indicating that you are home to sleep, as well as two funds and health. Upon you wake up, you will acquire a passion as well as fast-fading contentment.


Then the clock starts to tick, you are now officially threatened by potential hunger, dread, fascination, and illness. These are all automatical verbs brought by seasons’ passing. From now on, you will need 1 fund per minute to prevent hunger.


But don’t worry, time will also bring along with it the study verb, the initiation money of 8 Funds, one reason as well as a package. Working with reason will get you a position at Glover & Glover. Working more at this place and you will be promoted to higher positions. The storyline of Glover and Glover will be explained in the later section of Work-verb, at this time, you should always put all your effort into this job in order to make the ends meet. If you don’t know the requirement of a certain scenario, you can always click on the empty slot to see the aspect requirement of this slot, and all cards with such aspects will glow on the table so that you can know which to be put in.


Studying the package with passion or reason will earn you the first level2 lore (reason-light,passion-forge) as well as two notes. After studied, one note will unlock the talk-verb and the other explore-verb, the two verb then unlock the Morland bookstore and an acquaintance. Be aware the talk-verb will also bring with itself a mystique card that can draw the attention of hunters in hunting season.


Exploring the first pinck scrap and you will find your first treasure vault, and talk to your acquaintance will unlock an automatical verb: found a cult. You can now find a cult by adding a certain type of lore into its slot. Notably, talking will bring you the first notoriety, if unlucky enough will be converted into an evidence immediately. If that happens, I suggest just do your usual legel business like working, buying books and studying until it fade away. Founding the cult will totally require you a lore of certain type, an attribute of certain type and the first believer (your acquaintance). It will remain active until all needs are satified. Notably if the cult needs your health, it will become injury instead of fatigue, unlike reason and passion. WIthou treatment, an injury will fade into nothingness and you will lose one health in result. To treat illness or injury, it would require you dreaming the ill health along with 1 funds or 1 vitality.


After acquire your Order Card, you will be able to use it to recruit new members, promote existing memebers and order your members to conduct various works depending on their aspect.


Now dream with passion and add any lore into the dream, you will acquire your first dream path.


Dreaming with the path along with its requirement will bring you into the mansus. There are three cards that you can choice each time you enter the mansus. One is visible but its level is lower than the other two invisible ones. By choosing any of them, the other two will disappear, and you can bring back the one you choose through the gate you enter. The loots of dream are mostly consist of history lore(which can be explored into vault), ingredients and influences of certain principle. The higher you go, the better you can find.


Now you should pay more attention on the season verbs. If you are caught in dread or fasciantion, you must solve that problem immediately otherwise you will soon be crazy and lose the game. You can even out absorbed dread with contentment and absorbed fascination with dread. But before they are absorbed, you can prevent it by dreaming them with its counterpart, using them as a trapping in cult business or offering them in the rites. Remember, three of these card will trigger the losing alert, and cause you to die in 60s.


If you are currently hunted by hunters, there are various ways to deal with it. All reputation and evidence have lifetime and will expire eventually. You can just do only legel business long enough to wear them off. If you want to deal with it immediately, you can get rid of the evidence by talking to your moth aspect believer/disciple; for reputation, you can talking to your heart aspect follower and let them conduct order business. The higher that follower’s skill, the more likely they will succeed.


By strengthen your cult, you will be able to carry out expedition in the middle game. First find a place by exploring the history lores you acquired in the mansus. Then you can prepare an expedition team with followers, summoned minions and funds. In the exploration, you will encounter perils, the types of peril depend on the vault you are entering, and their solutions depend on the peril type.


To win the game, you will need to level up your desire card to level six and perform a rite of huge consumption.


Ambitious season will occur in the early game to bring you your level1 desire that can be transformed in three ways by dream-verb. It is very important since it decides your type of victory, you can find it by clicking on the desire to see its mark aspect: shaping-forge victory, delight-grail victory, light-lantern victory. You can convert your desire when it stays at level one by dreaming it with passion/reason/health, the three basic attributes are corresponding to the marks of shaping, light and delight.


Dream the desire once again with the corresponding lore will level it up into level 2. At this point you can no longer change your victory type.


When you make it into the stag door, you will be able to level it to level three by working it with stag door and its corresponding lore. From now on, you can only level it up when ambitious season occurs. It requires differently the material to level up, but it will level down if the need is not satisfied. The minimum level is three and the maxium level is six.


When you reach level six desire, you can perform a rite to earn victory. For this, you will probably need a rite call Intercalate in order to reach 50 level of certain principle to earn a major victory.


After victory, you can start over your game with a different type of profession. In the current version, you can only choose from 5 career: physician, detective, promoted detective, rich descendent and menial startover. Each career has its own opening, but they are similar in the middle and late game.


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