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Cultist Simulator – Careers

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Currently, in the game, there are only 4 starting Careers. However, the dev will probably add more in future updates.




The default mode you have when you enter the game for the first time.




The mode you get through Arrested Ending and G&G Ending.

You start the game as a detective. Your special Job has an expire time just like G&G job. However, if the position is left alone for too much time, it will vanish into nothingness.


You also start with a person of interest as well as a document of evidence. In this mode, you have an option to work hard with reasons and try to arrest that person of interest. By doing so, you will eventually win favor from authority and promote yourself to another work victory.


On the other hand, you can also study the document and walk on the path of mysticism. It works just like a normal game with cult. However, you will need more than 21 level of your principle aspect to recruit the person of interests given in the beginning.




This mode offers you a better job as physician, you can get it through Death Ending.


Nothing more than the ordinary games except that this job is quite useful at the beginning (working 60s for 2 Funds).



Bringht Young Thing

This mode also comes form Death Ending.


In this mode you will have 20+ Funds at the beginning and know Poppy Lascelles from the beginning (you still need to complete her story until she can offer you with commission).


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